Simplifying AP Invoice Processing in SAP Business One for HANA

Simplifying AP Invoice Processing in SAP Business One for HANA

Simplifying AP Invoice Processing in SAP Business One for HANA

Why focus on a basic admin function like accounts payable (AP)? In its most basic form, AP involves making payments against invoices received for the supplies you source from vendors. The trouble is, manual invoice processing is time-consuming and costly. More importantly, it’s a cost center that greatly dictates your company’s cash flows, and if not done right, could pose considerable liquidity and debt issues.

Dissecting Intelligent Process Automation

Artsyl AP invoice automation software automates the capture, extraction, validation, verification, exception handling, and approval of invoice data. The software is built on Arstyl’s Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform that utilizes digital transformation technologies including AI and Machine Learning — what this does is automate all of the time-consuming tasks in invoice processing like data entry and vendor lookups, but also reduce manual intervention considerably with every new invoice template.

Intelligent Process Automation ensures

  • Automatic scanning and sorting of documents, eliminating manual presorting or insertion of separator pages
  • Auto-classification of documents as single page or multi-page, or based on document type, with auto-flagging of incorrect or missing pages
  • Auto-indexing and annexing of pages
  • Auto-extraction of relevant details from diverse invoice formats by auto-locating and capturing data fields, thereby eliminating manual data entry
  • Auto-Find Self-Learning technology: utilization of AI and Machine Learning to learn from user actions — keystrokes performed to locate and capture details from data fields in new invoices — and application of that learning to capture data from all subsequent invoices of similar template and field placements. The software auto-adjusts and fine tunes its capture logic to process new documents using self-learning technology, progressively reducing manual intervention in the process.
  • Automatic batch processing and workload distribution
  • Automatic document routing for approvals
  • Integration: auto-synchronization and transfer of metadata and invoice details to SAP Business One for HANA
  • Auto-generation of bills corresponding to invoices, and ERP transaction creation in SAP Business One for HANA

With a through and through intelligent document processing platform such as this, all you have to do to ensure accurate data entry to your SAP B1 for HANA ERP system is integrate the two platforms.

Artsyl IPA for Accurate Data Availability to SAP B1 for HANA

The Artsyl connector for SAP Business One for HANA helps export invoice data and documents, including metadata to the ERP system. The integration allows for dynamic storage and manipulation of transaction documents in SAP B1 for HANA. Automatically extracted metadata is used to: index files and images; automatically assign workflows to captured invoices; enable automatic ERP transaction creation including bill generation; track master data to tally invoice details like verifying the vendor, performing 2-way/3-way matching, or for verifying line-item details during the validation process; and so on.

The Arstyl-SAP B1 for HANA integration creates an end-to-end Intelligent Process Automation platform for processing and posting accurate AP transaction documents to the ERP system. Intelligence-specific workflows to process all types of vendor invoice documents and formats means you are saved of manual labor and operating costs even as you scale operations. Take the word of this boat building company that has managed to save on manpower costs of at least 2 FTEs, even as it scaled operations.

Talk to Artsyl on how you can securely integrate Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation platform for invoice processing with SAP Business One for HANA, and drive efficiencies across your AP department.


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