Accomplishing Tasks with Intelligent Automation

Accomplishing Tasks with Intelligent Automation

Accomplishing Tasks with Intelligent Automation

Technology makes everything better. Today, transitioning to the next level in terms of efficiencies, process control, and productivity has become easy thanks to intelligence-enabled workflows. The latest version release of our proprietary intelligent process automation platform, the docAlpha 6.3, offers such capabilities.

Intelligent Automation brings to the fore immense use cases that help businesses solve everyday tasks with ease. We’ll discuss a few of the many advantages of deploying intelligent automation for everyday administrative tasks, which can get burdensome if not managed well.

Task Management with Artsyl — Capabilities of our IPA platform

Artsyl has consistently focused on delivering excellence for the end customer and modeled its Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) capabilities around customer need. The latest version release of our document process automation platform, the docAlpha 6.3, based on IPA technology, is a result of us taking into account the business requirements and enablements that will help our customers and partners accomplish tasks easily.

The already feature-rich platform now offers a lot of access points and integrations that will help companies adopt our intelligent process automation technology for any use case that demands heavy document capture and processing work. We will discuss some of the immense capabilities of docAlpha 6.3 that enable businesses to simply deploy, run, and scale operations from the word go.

Document Process Automation

If your business deals with document-based processes that entail a lot of repetitive, manual tasks, then this software is for you. We have identified use cases where you need document process automation to get work done and ensure easy data availability to your ERP or other business application, and modeled the docAlpha platform to suit every content-dependent process.

The following solutions are built on the docAlpha 6.3 platform, keeping in mind the end-goal for users, which is, getting access to reliable data for further business use:

Accomplishing Tasks with Intelligent Automation

Invoice Processing Automation: Artsyl’s InvoiceAction automates accounts payable operations including data entry, approval routing, and payables transaction creation in your ERP. A single platform solution enables automated vendor invoicing from any channel — email, fax, file transfers, mfps, etc. Support for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows you to transact requests for quote (EDI 840), purchase orders (EDI 850), and invoices (EDI 810), thereby complying and maintaining technical standards for EDI, and lowering costs.

Order Processing Software: getting an order is just half the battle won. What’s critical for businesses competing to impress the same set of customers is the efficiency and speed with which orders are fulfilled. Artsyl’s OrderAction takes the pain out of processing sales orders by automating order filing, data entry, validation, and ERP transaction creation in one single, straight-through process. With OrderAction, you can reach out to the customer quickly, process orders automatically, ensure quick receivables, and lower Day Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Medical Claims Processing Software: If you’ve ever needed to process medical claim documents, you can imagine the headache of routing documents to the claims examiner, checking for compliance with government regulations, and inputting claim details accurately. Artsyl’s ClaimAction does all that for you automatically and more — certified medical claim forms including HCFA-1500/CMS-500 and UB-04/UB-92 forms are automatically processed and claims records generated in your back-end systems in compliance with HIPAA formats.

Tools for Digital Transformation

Intelligent Bots: Unattended processing is the biggest advantage that intelligent automation brings over other automation software. The Artsyl IPA bot is pre-trained to process a wide variety of document templates and formats, like the aforementioned HCFA-1500/CMS-500 form. But added to that, the Artsyl bot is intelligence-enabled to process new documents having unfamiliar formats as well.

Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation bot employs digital transformation technologies like AI and Machine Learning that help with unattended processing of document-based workflows. For example, user intervention is needed when processing an invoice with an unfamiliar format, where the user will key-in data from the invoice the first time. The Artsyl bot picks up these user actions and applies the same when processing invoices with a similar format. This learning that the Artsyl IPA bot exhibits reduces user intervention for every subsequent processing of a new invoice, making the processing of document-based tasks intelligent and unattended.

Intelligent Data Capture: Is accurate data critical to your business success? Then you will love the powerful intelligent data capture feature that docAlpha 6.3 brings to the table. docAlpha 6.3’s intelligent extraction and classification capabilities are powered by sophisticated OCR/ICR/OMR/OBR technologies and Machine Learning. Powerful intelligent recognition features are accompanied by rasterization and image preprocessing software to ‘prepare’ images and texts for automatic extraction. Machine Learning is predominantly employed to identify, locate, and extract data from unstructured document sources. Additionally, the docAlpha 6.3 supports multilingual document recognition.

Integrations for End-to-End Connectivity: The docAlpha 6.3 comes with 50 additional capabilities that accentuate the feature-rich document process automation software further. A singular platform solution to automate document-based processes is best leveraged when connected with your own business application for continuous, uninterrupted document processing.

docAlpha 6.3 supports multiple integrations with ERPs, low-code RPA and workflow platforms, universal REST support for rapid application development, professional services, as well as browser-based integrations to enable consolidation and flow of business data from capture to reporting on a single platform.

Intelligent applications will dominate the office in the coming decade. Companies can bring their corporate goals to fruition sooner by enabling their workforce with complementary processing tools. Intelligent Automation is the answer.


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