Leverage NetSuite Cloud ERP to the Fullest with Artsyl

Leverage NetSuite Cloud ERP to the Fullest with Artsyl

Leverage NetSuite Cloud ERP to the Fullest with Artsyl

Amp Up Business & Revenues with this Powerful AP Automation solution for NetSuite. The returns, as we explain, are cumulative, long-term, and certain.

Artsyl InvoiceAction — Designed for NetSuite Cloud ERP

From timing and managing your month-end close more accurately to maintaining an up-to-date inventory, NetSuite comes in as a very handy application for businesses. But that’s not it! NetSuite’s true potential comes to the fore through its tight integration with Artsyl’s no code process automation platform for AP automation, InvoiceAction. The Artsyl digital transformation platform for AP automation unlocks the potential of NetSuite manifold by automating the time-&-labor-intensive routine tasks of data entry and document processing.

InvoiceAction is built on Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation platform, so users are assured of straight-through process automation of source documents, usually vendor invoices and receipts, needing little manual intervention.

Change is necessary. Change is good. As long as it doesn’t disrupt or uproot your ongoing work. Introducing process automation to your back-office is a good way to initiate digital transformation. The Artsyl-NetSuite integration offers an intelligent way to do that, without disrupting underlying systems or processes, and ensuring end-to-end streamlining of workflows from invoice data capture to report generation in your Cloud ERP.

“... Unlock NetSuite’s extensive ERP functionality ...

Sync Accurate AP Invoicing Data in NetSuite ...

Solve Critical Business Challenges ...”

Let’s look at some of the immediate functional advantages & ease-of-use examples:

Launch the complete AP automation platform with Artsyl’s invoice processing software to tackle the most painstaking processes of manual data entry and invoice processing. Ensure accurate data availability from any source documents to your NetSuite Cloud ERP. Work from within NetSuite to access, create, edit accounts payable records, using an interface that you are familiar with. Get a single view of your financial data from point of capture of vendor invoices by Artsyl’s powerful intelligent data capture and process automation technology to final record generation in NetSuite, never having to deal with missing or duplicate invoices again!

The Artsyl-NetSuite integration ensures seamless flow and syncing of financial data from vendor contact point all the way to NetSuite, helping businesses accomplish all tasks from purchase-to-pay automatically, without any manual data work.

Why Artsyl?

Let’s look at some of the immediate functional advantages & ease-of-use examples

NetSuite is a formidable enterprise solution for managing, tracking, and storing important financial records. This Cloud ERP is the best option to host and mobilize your company’s business transactions from a central location. However, initiation of any business process, including within NetSuite, starts with data. This data, usually in the form of vendor invoices, BoLs (bill of lading), receipts, POs, etc., is often unstructured or semi-structured, requiring intensive manual effort and time to sort, authenticate, verify, and approve for use in NetSuite.

Artsyl Does All the Heavy Lifting in In-Depth Payables Execution

Artsyl’s AP automation software InvoiceAction, built on its Intelligent Process Automation platform, does all the heavy lifting — performing data entry from vendor invoices and other source documents; tallying that data against vendor master data records in NetSuite; performing 2-way and 3-way matching of invoices, POs, and receipt of goods; and automatically feeding approved data in NetSuite for further business use.

InvoiceAction invoice processing software employs AI and Machine Learning to implement unfamiliar tasks — Artsyl holds an exhaustive library of pre-configured workflows to accommodate a diverse range of invoices, receipts, or other purchase documents; InvoiceAction’s multichannel capture feature ensures that you get hold of source documents from the edges of your organization including through emails, FTPs, MFPs, fax, etc. into the Artsyl-NetSuite stream automatically. In instances when InvoiceAction comes across an unfamiliar or new invoice for which it does not have any pre-configured workflow, it relies on machine learning to pick up user actions performed to process that invoice the first time — InvoiceAction applies this learning to implement process automation of all subsequent invoices of a similar template, reducing user intervention progressively.

Integrating with Artsyl InvoiceAction, NetSuite users can

  • Eliminate Manual Effort for Data Availability to NetSuite: studies have shown that with a complete AP automation solution in place, companies are able to reassign at least 4 FTEs to higher level tasks.
  • Achieve Instant Scalability: straight-through process automation of vendor invoices is allowing companies to maintain or even lower the total staff count in accounts payable while easily scaling operations. This laboratory equipment supplier did just that thanks to InvoiceAction invoice processing software. Today, they are able to ramp up AP invoicing velocity from 50 transactions/day to now, almost 600-700 transactions/day.
  • Improve Connectivity- Breaking the Silos: you can now leverage NetSuite Cloud ERP’s capabilities to the fullest by extending its use to accounts payable and other document-based processes. The end-to-end connectivity between vendors on one end and your system analyst and financial experts on the other, all bound by a single workflow solution, helps keep business data and operations under one roof, effectively eliminating functional, operational, and data silos in F&A.

Get used to a streamlined process for implementing unstructured, document-based tasks in NetSuite. Get used to Artsyl’s intelligent process automation platform.

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