Unified Intelligent Capture & Process Automation Platform for SAP Business One for HANA

Get Access to Authentic Data Always

Get Access to Authentic Data Always

The Artsyl-SAP B1 for HANA integration increases the degree of automation to document-based processes and extends application of SAP Business One for HANA to accounts payable and sales order processing.

Documents fed to SAP Business One for HANA, eg. purchase orders, invoices etc. come in semi-structured or unstructured formats. Artsyl’s Document Process Automation platform eliminates the manual steps required to capture, extract, authenticate, and input data from source documents to SAP B1 for HANA.

Equipped with digital transformation technologies including AI, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Document Capture, the platform provides a ready, intelligent document processing workflow that enables automatic data availability and transaction creation from invoices and sales orders in SAP B1 for HANA.

The integration creates an end-to-end intelligent process chain from data capture to reporting, allowing businesses to leverage the data administration and analytics capabilities of SAP Business One for HANA to the fullest and derive timely business insights from unstructured data sources.

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Single Workflow for Document Processing, removing Business Complexity
Greater Transparency & Control over Business Data
Early Detection & Correction of faulty data, increasing Compliance
Accelerated Data Availability
Centralized Invoice Processing & Order Management in SAP B1 for HANA
Lower Operating Costs

Tap into Artsyl’s Superior Document Process Automation to Hasten AP/AR in SAP Business One for HANA.
Close the Gap in Intelligent Process Automation for Content-dependent Processes

Artsyl Action Solutions for Business Acceleration

Leverage Artsyl’s Action Solutions to drive end-to-end automation across document-based processes. Take advantage of the in-built AI and Machine Learning features to reduce manual intervention, eliminate process bottlenecks, and drive visibility and transparency across content-dependent workflows. What’s more? API level integration means these solutions can be simply deployed without needing to disturb underlying processes.

Fuss-free Invoice Processing & Order Management Software

Artsyl’s SAP B1 for HANA-certified pre-packaged solutions — InvoiceAction and OrderAction — for Accounts Payable and Sales Order Management are built on the Document Process Automation platform. Organizations can work with these integrated solutions in their familiar SAP B1 for HANA environment itself to automate routine, content-dependent processes, eliminate manual effort, and reduce operating costs associated with getting the right data into SAP Hana.

How Artsyl helps Leverage Your SAP B1 for HANA Infrastructure to the Fullest

A typical document processing workflow involves the capture, extraction, classification, validation, and verification of data from invoices and sales orders before it can be routed to a verification manager for final approval and delivered to SAP Business One for HANA.

Artsyl’s intelligent BOTs perform these steps in a single workflow, completely removing the duplicity, redundancy, errors, and cycle times associated with manual effort.

Integration with Artsyl bridges the gap in Intelligent Process Automation of semi-structured and unstructured documents, offering SAP B1 for HANA users an end-to-end intelligent process chain for content-driven processes.

Document Acquisition:

Artsyl supports importing of documents from diverse sources including email, fax, file shares etc. or through integrations with multiple MFPs and scanners.


Documents are classified by type, eg. invoices, BOLs, statements, etc. and then assigned the appropriate configured workflow for further processing.


Artsyl BOTs utilize powerful OCR/ICR technology including AI cognitive services to extract data based on generic definitions built from known document types; Machine Learning of user actions performed on unfamiliar document formats — the learning is retrieved for subsequent unattended extractions from similar documents; and Dedicated Definitions built according to customer requirements.


Data is validated against multiple sources for such things as vendor details, PO & invoice matching, etc.


Exceptions encountered during validation are routed to a verification user for resolution.


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