How Artsyl Enables Appian Users

How Artsyl Enables Appian Users

Appian’s low-code application development platform helps users build their own apps and workflows without having to code. Appian is helping many companies save thousands on application development and lower the dependence on IT to automate processes — facilitating positive business outcomes.

Artsyl augments Appian’s capabilities further by delivering actionable data during process implementation in Appian. Information is power. Many of the business processes run on data. This data from say, transaction or source documents usually comes in the form of unstructured or semi-structured documents. Retrieving useful data from these documents is difficult without hours of manual effort. Many tasks, especially customer-facing jobs, require supporting documents like a purchase order form or an invoice copy that companies can refer to when dealing with a customer grievance call.

Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) technology helps process a wide variety of document types. The technology is a combination of many digital transformation technologies including AI, machine learning, robotic process automation, business process automation, recognition software like OCR/ICR/OMR and intelligent data capture.

The technologies together provide the human-like capabilities needed to perform routine, repetitive, document-dependent tasks. Traditional document processing involves a lot of human effort and time. Anytime a company interacts with its external stakeholders including vendors and customers, data is generated. This data, which mainly could be transaction data in the form of vendor invoices and purchase orders is needed when running operations like accounts payable or say, customer service. While ERP systems and many other business applications, which can be built using Appian’s powerful low-code development platform, offer an automated and streamlined way to do business, the process of acquiring data for these operations, however, has remained manual.

Artsyl Bridges the Gap in Automation

Artsyl’s intelligent document processing capabilities help bridge the gap in automation from when a document enters an organization to when it can be accurately fed into a business application like an ERP system. The Artsyl-Appian integration will help extend Appian’s application to document-intensive processes. Appian users will be able to access Artsyl’s powerful data extraction, document classification, and data validation capabilities to quickly verify documents during task implementation in the Appian workflows itself.

Artsyl’s intelligent process automation platform is built on modular architecture, enabling users to apply tasks like capture, extraction, validation, and verification of documents and data individually or in their entirety. That means that during any process implementation like, say, processing a customer order in the Appian overflows, a few documents like sales orders need to be checked. The Artsyl-Appian integration allows Appian users to quickly call Artsyl’s data validation capabilities to check for the validity of the document in the Appian workflows itself, before proceeding to the next steps in process implementation in Appian.

Modular architecture enables businesses to make the most of Artsyl’s intelligent document processing capabilities to simply call only those functions that are needed to process a document — either extract, classify, validate, or approve a document — without having to spend hours on manual paperwork and data entry.

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Tight API-level integration with Appian makes it convenient for users to extend Appian’s code-free automation to heavy document-dependent processes like accounts payable, sales order processing, check remittance operations, medical claims processing, payroll services, as well as customer service where quick access to customer records becomes especially useful during ticket resolution.

Advantages with Artsyl’s Integrated Intelligent Document Processing System

  • Artsyl delivers a single platform solution for end-to-end, mission critical document processing work
  • Appian users can call Artsyl’s powerful data extraction, document classification, and data validation capabilities when they need to check a document for correctness and authenticity at any point in the Appian workflows
  • Users can check for the validity of any number of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured documents from many domains — supply chain, finance & accounting, human resources, medical insurance, recruiting & onboarding, manufacturing, distribution, education, transportation, etc.
  • Artsyl enables digital transformation of content-dependent processes, helping Appian users extend automation to such processes in many different domains
  • Artsyl dramatically lowers the manpower and operating costs associated with data entry and heavy document processing work needed in mission critical back-office operations to make data readily available in Appian
  • With Arstyl, there are no instances of working with bad data in Appian, enabling accurate process and business implementation
  • Accurate data availability in Appian ensures better governance, risk management, and compliance standards
  • Since many business processes depend on data, Artsyl helps Appian users extend application development and low-code automation for those processes that require a lot of data validation
  • Artsyl makes actionable data from transaction documents directly available in Appian workflows — this accelerates the processes that require data validation during implementation like checking the invoice details during vendor payments processing

Artsyl extends the development of low-code automation software using Appian for processes that require heavy document processing work.

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