Self-Learning Intelligent Data Capture Technology

Artsyl Auto-Find self-learning (auto-learning) data capture technology eliminates manual template creation, configuration and programming efforts. It automatically locates data fields across incoming documents. It employs digital transformation technologies including Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Automation, AI and Machine Learning to learn to identify documents and field locations by remembering the operator’s mouse movements and clicks during manual, Click-to-Capture™ mode. Just turn it on in the options, and watch the system learn documents from the first click-entry and reduce the time spent to enter documents starting from the second time you see a similar document captured. As more documents of the same type are captured, the system auto-adjusts and fine-tunes itself based on operator’s selections during the data entry.

Allow multiple operators to use the same synchronized distributed knowledgebase of the Auto-Find Network Collaboration Module: what one operator trains in his entry process becomes available to all other operators through automatic synchronization schedule.

A single document profile can be used by multiple networked operators to process many different document types. All necessary self-training, document classification, data extraction, field finding and recognition is then driven by Auto-Find, sharing the obtained knowledge automatically through the Auto-Find Network Collaboration Module.


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