SharePoint Integration

Two out of three enterprise workers have used SharePoint in some capacity within their organization; over a third of organizations are using SharePoint to manage content across the enterprise.

In many cases, SharePoint’s ubiquity is its greatest strength.

The docAlpha smart process platform allows organizations to get the most out of their SharePoint implementations, maximizing adoption and usage enterprise-wide while minimizing inefficiency, errors and non-compliance with corporate standards.

With docAlpha, organizations can automatically classify scanned paper and electronic documents, organizing them within their SharePoint repository, extract the metadata required to ensure instant document access and drive business-rule-driven process automation.

As a result, organizations can transform their SharePoint repositories into true enterprise content management systems, delivering:

  • Scalability to handle the document and data processing needs of any organization
  • Intelligent document and data capture to automatically classify documents, extract relevant index data and file/aggregate documents according to business rules
  • Process automation to monitor and manage document and data routing, approvals, reporting and audit trails


  • Maximize your SharePoint investment: Capture documents and utilize SharePoint as your document destination. Easily search for and view captured content through SharePoint’s simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Automatically index documents: Extract index information from scanned paper, digital documents and electronic forms automatically, for simplified search and management within SharePoint.
  • Enhance document quality and data integrity: Utilize Optical Character Recognition capabilities to validate and improve the quality of the documents being captured.
  • Capture from any source: Capture documents from multifunctional printers, high-end scanning devices, file system folders, email servers, servers, File Transfer Protocol sites and SharePoint and organize them automatically.
  • Enable smart process automation: Leverage data capture by docAlpha from your SharePoint documents to automate existing processes and workflows