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Transform Claim Processing with ClaimAction

Speed and accuracy: processing high volumes of medical claims through process automation delivers higher levels of efficiency that does more than reduce costs.

For organizations that rely on manual processes, managing medical claim documents and data is labor-intensive and error-prone, injecting unnecessary risk into the process.

With ClaimAction from Artsyl, your organization can improve margins, minimize touch points and eliminate process bottlenecks with this claims processing software.

ClaimAction is pre-configured to capture every data field from HCFA-1500/CMS-500 medical claim forms as well as UB-04/UB-92 forms used by hospitals and other institutional healthcare providers. As a result, ALL critical data is extracted from paper or digital claim documents.

By leveraging your claim document images, extracted transaction data and your business rules, ClaimAction can automate your entire claims process, all the way to the creation of claim records in your back-end data systems--in a HIPAA-compliant 837 data format.


Accelerated Claims Processing

Intelligent capture technology drastically reduces manual data entry, boosting efficiency while reducing errors by validating data against claim records.

Empower Your Staff and Boost Service Levels

Empower your staff and take the pain out of the claims process by eliminating manual data entry and document handling. Automated workflow routing and monitoring allows your staff to focus on resolving exceptions and issues that require the highest levels of care and attention.

Improved Visibility and Control

ClaimAction puts claim information, including documents, data and workflow status at your fingertips, 24x7.

Maintain Clear Audit Trails & Support Compliance

ClaimAction keeps a complete audit trail of every touch point within the claim process, so users can monitor whether or not the proper checks and validations took place.

ClaimeAction Specifications

Multi-Channel Capture

  • Scanned Images – TIFF, PDF, JPEG, BMP, PNG
  • Email – POP3, LotusNotes
  • Fax Servers – RightFax
  • Electronic – XML Tickets

Automated Document Classification
Classification of multiple document types for separation and routing

Advanced OCR Extraction – Independent automated extraction of

  • Structured
  • Semi-Structured
  • Un-structured data
Exception Handling Queues
Dynamically route batches of claims to exception handling staff for quicker resolution of issues

Rules-based data validation

  • Claim data look-ups
  • Mathematical reconciliations
  • Duplication detection
  • Customizable rules

Automated Routing and Notification
Split batches and dynamically route invoices based on conditions set in the workflow.Configurable email notifications utilizing either POP3 or LotusNotes

Exception Handling Queues
Dynamically route batches or invoices to Exception Handling staff for quicker resolution of issues