Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Takes Aim at Inefficiency
and Targets Manual Data Entry


Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

Firearms Training, Safety and Competitions (Not for Profit)

• Intelligent capture of hand-written text;

• Scoring, validation and posting for marksmanship scores


“We are a very unique organization and how we use the software is very different. The totaling of the scorecard and having everything double checked by docAlpha is very important to posting accurate results in a timely fashion.”


• docAlpha intelligent capture

• Accurate automatic posting of competitive marksmanship scores online within 30 minutes for over 800 scores

The Challenge

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), a national organization dedicated to training and educating U. S. citizens in responsible uses of firearms through gun safety training, marksmanship training and competitions needed a faster, more reliable way to tally and post hand-written marksmanship competition scores to their Website.

With more than 850 competitors across 17 different competitions, the non-profit organization’s system of handwritten score cards, manually-tabulated scores and manual entry for posting to the competition tracker Web site wasted too much time and effort.

With a highly competitive membership, the organization needed to post scores in a timely manner and ensure that everything was 100% accurate.

The Solution

“With docAlpha’s help, we aimed to provide accurate scoring and post it to our website within 30 minutes. All from scorecards that are handwritten” Says Shannon Hand, CMP North Competitions Manager.

CMP approached the problem in a unique way, opting to preserve hand-written scorecards, while setting its sights on automating data entry and validation.

The Artsyl docAlpha smart process platform is able to intelligently capture data from thousands of hand-written scorecards. Once the data is captured from the scorecards. docAlpha can apply an algorithm to the results, cross-referencing rules and scoring logic to ensure that all scores have been tabulated accurately.

The Implementation

Handwritten character recognition and intelligent data extraction can be an art as much as a science, but the docAlpha smart process platform was up to the task.

“It took us a bit to get things working the way we needed it, but persistence and the support from Artsyl has been amazing,” said Hand.

The Result: Scoring from Hours to Just 30 Minutes

Once implemented and configured, docAlpha worked flawlessly, extracting scores from hand-written scorecards and automatically updating the organization’s online competition tracker Web portal in a fraction of the time it required for manual tabulation and posting.

“Entering scorecards to our website has dropped from hours to just 30 minutes,” Hand said.

With docAlpha, CMP was able to preserve elements of the scoring process that they wanted to preserve, while taking the pain out of posting scores—and dramatically reducing scoring/tabulation errors due to manual data entry.

“We are a very unique organization and how we use docuAlpha is very different,” said Hand.

“The totaling of the scorecard and having everything double checked by docAlpha is very important to posting accurate results in a timely fashion. Each match comes with its own set of rules. All of our needs were able to be accomplished with docAlpha.“

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