Artsyl Sponsors Microsoft D365 Focus Europe Conference
to Showcase Back Office Intelligent Process Automation

Pre-packaged InvoiceAction and OrderAction solutions, designed to deliver speed to value for Microsoft Dynamics users by eliminating manual data entry, document handling and ERP transaction entry without coding, customization or document definitions

October 14, 2019

Jeff Moore
Artsyl Technologies, Inc.
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Vita Vassylyeva
Sales and Marketing Manager
Artsyl Technologies, Inc.
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ONTARIO, CANADA (October 14, 2019) — Artsyl Technologies, Inc.™, a leading publisher of Intelligent Process Automation, focusing on document-based mission critical business processes, today announced that it will showcase AP Automation for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs as a sponsor of the 2019 Microsoft D365 Focus Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Artsyl’s InvoiceAction is a complete, pre-packaged and pre-configured process automation solution that incorporates intelligent data capture, approval workflows, data validation and automatic Microsoft Dynamics ERP transaction creation. Designed for fast, effective deployment, Artyl’s InvoiceAction takes advantage of the new capabilities built into the company’s new docAlpha V6 transformation platform to eliminate the kind of time- and labor-intensive configuration and document definition work required by competing solutions.

“Speed to value is the true differentiator in a market where everyone is touting process automation,” said Jeff Moore, Chief Sales Officer at Artsyl Technologies. “Our new docAlpha V6 platform and ActionSuite solutions are true game changers for our ERP and ECM system partners, delivering on the promise of flexible, powerful digital transformation capabilities to their clients.”

During the D365 Focus, Artsyl International Sales Manager Greg Lipich will present “Making the Complex Simple,” demonstrating how easily Microsoft Dynamics ERP users can transform inefficient, error-prone AP processes into simple, streamlined workflows that boost control and visibility.

The session will be held on Tuesday, October 22 at 14:00 CEST.

A powerful platform with easy-to-deploy intelligent applications

Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation Platform, utilizes technologies such as; Intelligent Document Capture, RPA, Machine learning, Analytics and iPaas to automate any document process. InvoiceAction and OrderAction are built off of this platform are pre-configured to automate invoice and PO capture, s, classification, data extraction and validation and automatic ERP transaction creation. Designed for fast, effective deployment, Artyl’s InvoiceAction and OrderAction solutions eliminate the kind of time- and labor-intensive configuration and document definition work required by competing solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP users will find that these automation solutions complement their ERP platform, adding even more efficiencies and quicker data availability, enabling them to spend more time working ON their business, and less time IN it.

Additional, advanced features of the docAlpha V6 platform include:

Extraction for Electronic Forms
DocAlpha V6 includes support for scanned paper and native digital document types, in addition to the ability to extract data from electronic form fields to inform rules-based workflows.

Electronic Data Exchange Support
Enhanced docAlpha V6 EDI support delivers faster, more efficient electronic data exchange for the import/export

Refactored Entity Framework
A newly-refactored entity framework for docAlpha V6 supports more efficient data communications between docAlpha and integrated ERP/business systems, supporting more efficient database look-ups during the validation process.

Refactored Dynamics ERP Connectors
New ERP system connectors support ease of integration for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, providing cascading database look-ups for data validation and automatic transaction creation for matched invoices/orders and/or approved non-PO transactions.

About Artsyl Technologies
Artsyl Technologies, Inc., a publisher of transformation and automation solutions has successfully developed intelligent capture and business process automation solutions for companies worldwide by automating the manual entry of data and the filing of documents into ERP, ECM and other business systems. Artsyl automates these manual processes by intelligently extracting relevant, actionable information from documents and electronic files in a way that boosts efficiency and accuracy, quickly achieving a return on investment for our clients, leading to ongoing cost savings and forever happy customers.