Educators Innovate with docAlpha in Support or their Core Mission

Educators Innovate with docAlpha in Support or their Core Mission

For many Artsyl customers, the digital transformation journey begins by identifying internal business processes that suffer from high transaction volumes and low efficiency—which is typical of processes like vendor invoice management and sales order processing.

Often, automating those common, high-volume operations to eliminate manual data entry and document handling leads to new innovations and automation in other processes, either within the same department or throughout the organization.

Nowhere is that more true than for Artsyl docAlpha customers in education, who share pain points common to most businesses, along with the demands that come from recruiting and enrolling new students, where speed and efficiency is critical to out-recruiting the competition.

Here are just a couple of highlights of how docAlpha and digital transformation has led to innovation through automation for educational institutions.

Winning with Speed

“Often, it’s the first to the mailbox with that acceptance letter that wins,” said Sarah-Davis Cagle Associate Director of Admissions – Operations at Appalachian State University.

Appalachian State relies on docAlpha to handle student applications, along with a host of supporting documents that may include things like background checks.

For the university, docAlpha helps to automate data entry and processing for over 75,000 admissions documents for 18-to-19,000 student admissions applications annually, with bursts of activity near enrollment deadlines.

Competing on speed is what led Appalachian State to seek and select docAlpha to automate applications and outdistance competing universities.

Winning with Insight

For school districts like the Upper Grand District School Board City of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, docAlpha supports their mission of educating students by driving greater efficiency in terms of how the school spends is valuable resources—specifically, their energy consumption.

By relying on docAlpha to scan and extract data from 5,000 annual utility bills, allowing the district to better monitor and manage energy usage and drive efficiency.

According to Application Development Manager Roger Yang, “We monitor all usage for water, electricity and gas usage in a school every month. In the past, that meant asking finance for the data, which often came from the original paper bill, which was a labor-intensive and time consuming process.”

UGDSB implemented docAlpha within six months and quickly eliminated bottlenecks in their accounts payable process by automating the filing of scanned utility bills and delivering access to other departments.

On average, 20% of the time/effort required just to scan and file utility bills was eliminated through automation, with the added bonus of instant access to usage data.

“Now, all our paper bills come as PDFs that are automatically filed on our file server, categorized by location. Our operation team can easily retrieve all the scanned bills to find usage information. You don't need to bother the finance anymore,” Yang said.

A Winning Solution for Educational Institutions

Whether focused on automating invoices or orders to drive efficiency or streamlining recruitment and enrollment, docAlpha delivers a solution that allows learning institutions to go beyond managing documents and data to focusing on students and education.

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