docAlpha 6.0 SP1 Has Arrived!

docAlpha 6.0 SP1 Has Arrived!

More Intelligent, Flexible Auto-Find Enhancements, Even More Performance Boosts & Truly
Flexible Integrations are Here!

Artsyl Technologies has kicked docAlpha V6 up a notch with the release of Service Pack 1. Our first release for 2019 puts the pedal to the metal when it comes to speed and performance, while adding more brain cells to the platform’s intelligent, self-learning auto-find capabilities. If that wasn’t enough, Artsyl has embraced the Integration as a Service (IaaS) model and with SP1, will lay the groundwork for a future of flexible integration.

New enhancements delivered as part of docAlpha 6.0 SP1 include:

  • Advanced Auto-Find User-assisted Machine Learning features allows docAlpha to automatically learn and adapt to user input for exception handing
  • Additional advanced auto-find enhancements further improve the speed, accuracy and flexibility of data extraction from a broad range of document types and formats
  • Workflow engine enhancements so users can create even more advanced workflows
  • Verification Station, Approver Station and Vendor Portal UI and performance enhancements

For more information, read the docAlpha 6.0 SP1 press release.


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