docAlpha 6.0 SP1

docAlpha 6.0 SP1

Latest docAlpha Release Leverages Machine Learning & Integration as a Service to Deliver More Flexible, Intelligent, End-to-End Process Automation

February 11, 2019

Jeff Moore
Artsyl Technologies, Inc.
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Vita Vassylyeva
Sales and Marketing Manager
Artsyl Technologies, Inc.
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Toronto, ON, February 11, 2019 – Artsyl Technologies, the leading provider of intelligent process automation systems and applications focused on data-and document-intensive back office processes, has announced the release of the latest service pack for its flagship digital transformation platform, docAlpha.

docAlpha V6 SP1 delivers additional enhancements to the platform’s “auto-find” capabilities, allowing the system to learn and adapt to user input whenever an exception is encountered. By relying on flexible, machine learning technologies, docAlpha delivers greater speed to value, without any dependence on custom coding or IT intervention.

When docAlpha encounters a problem capturing or identifying a key piece of metadata, it can rely on a human process owner to interact with the system through an intuitive, wizard-drive interface. docAlpha records this interaction and modifies its knowledgebase, so it can adapt to new inputs without any additional coding or configuration.

In addition to increasing the system’s flexibility and adaptability for capturing data from unstructured documents, V6 SP1 also incorporates Integration as a Service (IaaS) capabilities that allows for more flexible, adaptable integrations with other systems, including a broad range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

About Artsyl Technologies: Artsyl Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to delivering digital transformation and business process automation solutions. Since 2002, the Artsyl team has successfully developed intelligent capture and business process automation solutions for companies worldwide, quickly achieving a return on investment for our clients, leading to ongoing cost savings.

Artsyl solutions focus on the most painful and inefficient steps in the majority of business processes today—the entry of data and the filing of documents into ERP, ECM and other business systems. Artsyl automates these manual processes by intelligently extracting relevant, actionable information from documents and electronic files in a way that boosts efficiency and accuracy.


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