Why docAlpha?

Why docAlpha?

Why do you need docAlpha? Or, let’s rephrase a little; why do you need intelligent automation for your business? Intelligent automation combines robotic process automation with cognitive technologies like AI and machine learning to enable rapid automation of complex business processes. When it comes to docAlpha, the automation capabilities are amplified by smart technologies like intelligent data capture and OCR/ICR. Intelligent automation technology embedded with data capture and data recognition software helps accelerate digital transformation of heavy document-based processes. By combining RPA with AI, machine learning, and intelligent data capture, docAlpha extends the scope for process automation of many document-based and document-intensive processes. RPA enables task implementation. AI and machine learning help with process discovery, learning on the job, cognition, and decision-making. Intelligent data capture technology performs those typical human actions needed to process documents on a large scale, but without the manually induced errors or inefficiencies. A combination of all these digital transformation technologies enables docAlpha to emulate human actions and keystrokes to perform complex document processing work.

docAlpha opens up new channels to get work done and engage with customers. A routine operation like accounts payable can be elevated to the level of best-in-class by simply changing the way invoices are processed. Invoice processing is a document-intensive operation that requires a lot of due diligence and manual effort to get the data from invoices into an accounting system or ERP for further payments processing and debt reconciliations. By automating invoice processing, companies can accelerate payables and have a better chance of lowering the costs of late payments or inefficient payments processing. Intelligent automation expands the possibilities of streamlining business processes in nearly any domain or scenario. The application of docAlpha too extends to many different use cases in different industry sectors including supply chain, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, financial services, distribution, healthcare, education, and insurance. By harnessing the intelligent automation capabilities of docAlpha, businesses will be able to manage their core business processes efficiently.

The docAlpha digital transformation platform has modular architecture. It consists of capture and process automation bots that perform capture, extraction, classification, validation, and verification of data from documents before routing it to a verification manager for approval. Modular architecture makes it convenient for users to call the functions independently, as per the business requirements. For instance, Automation Anywhere users can tap into docAlpha’s data classification, extraction, and validation capabilities to quickly verify documents in their RPA workflows. At any point during RPA implementation, one or many documents can be sent to docAlpha to detect what type of documents they are and validate the details against existing ERP and database records.

By integrating with different business applications, users can borrow docAlpha’s capabilities to capture, extract, validate, etc. all types of documents and data.
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How does docAlpha work?

Consider a heavily document-dependent process like invoice processing. The average company receives hundreds and thousands of invoices on a regular basis. Each invoice comes in a typical format, but the invoices are definitely different for every vendor. An automation system can be pre-programmed with built-in logic to process a single invoice from a vendor, by learning the invoice document formatting and structure. But automation systems with simple RPA technology are limited in their capacity to process a large variety of document types. Each document will need a separate logic for it to be processed, which is impractical. docAlpha removes the typical challenges of document processing by accommodating for document variability. docAlpha employs machine learning as the primary data extraction method. This enables the platform to self-learn document types on the job, eliminating the need to create a capture and process automation logic for each type of invoice.

The docAlpha bots make complex tasks simple by learning and imitating human actions to perform tasks. The system of self-learning enables autonomous working and decision-making, removing the need for manual intervention. This increases the potential for docAlpha to accelerate document processing many times over, with the average invoice processing time, for example, lowered from weeks to hours. Businesses can afford to re-imagine and re-engineer the way work is done using this technology. By removing typical impediments to back-office operations, docAlpha helps companies accelerate business processes and outcomes.

Benefits of docAlpha

  • Eliminate data entry
  • Remove manual intervention for costly, time-consuming document handling work
  • Accelerate document processing and data availability from transaction documents to connected business applications
  • Assimilate digital workers for routine, repetitive document processing in any domain
  • Re-engage talented workers for more strategic, growth-oriented initiatives
  • Integrate with line-of-business applications to enable end-to-end process automation and streamlining of core business functions

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