Simplifying the Complex is the Key to the Future of Work

Simplifying the Complex is the Key to the Future of Work

Empower Employees and Eliminate Obstacles to Achieving your Strategic Goals

Last year at the Laserfiche Empower conference, the Artsyl team presented to attendees and focused on the broader, more ingrained issues that every company deals with when trying to affect change and improve operations within their organization. Those issues included getting beyond trying to automate processes as they exist today, so look at ways to simplify and streamline operations BEFORE adopting a technology solution.

Going into the new year, we’ve seen Laserfiche adopt a much broader theme and curriculum for the workshops and courses to be offered Feb 11-14 in Long Beach for Laserfiche Empower 2020. Adopting the theme, “The Future of Work,” Laserfiche and its partners are helping companies to see the forest from the trees—leading with the bigger, broader vision that many companies have defined for themselves, but often lose sight of because of day to day challenges.

When it comes to simplifying business processes, there’s no better time than NOW to ditch the status quo to leverage your Laserfiche ECM to go beyond managing documents to actually gaining control of document-dependent processes.

Getting Beyond Staffing and Scalability to Focus on Quality

Working with Artsyl, Laserfiche customers have been able to go beyond the classic dilemma over hiring another person to handle document sorting/filing and data entry for high-volume processes like accounts payable vendor invoice management. For customers of Laserfiche and Artsyl’s docAlpha transformation platform, that conversation shifts towards looking at professional development plans for existing AP staff members—empowering them to work on forecasting, budgeting, vendor management and process improvement, instead of worrying about whether everything is in order for the upcoming check run.

That’s because Artsyl’s transformation platform integrates with Laserfiche in a way that minimizes the need for IT involvement or for custom coding or configuration. The goal, in promoting a work future where process owners are empowered employees, is to put everything in the process owners hands without making them DO everything by hand.

With Artsyl’s intelligent data capture capabilities, combined with Laserfiche, process owners don’t have to worry about sorting inbound documents like vendor invoices or sales orders. The system is smart enough to ingest large volumes of batch-scanned paper documents and streams of emails, faxes, FTP or vendor portal uploads, sort it all out, file it properly within Laserfiche AND extract the right data to automatically profile documents for downstream processing.

Explore your Best Options—Online or Onsite at Empower

Make the MOST of your visit to Long Beach for Laserfiche Empower and consult an Artsyl representative BEFORE you go.

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