Optimize Sales Order Processing, Accelerate Fulfillment, Boost Customer Satisfaction

Helping Company Executives to Understand the Business Case for Sales Order Automation

Helping company executives to understand the business case for sales order automation often means shifting the mindset from seeing sales order processing as a cost center to regarding it as an integral part of the customer experience.

Beyond merely “filling orders,” efficient and effective sales order processing can boost customer satisfaction and drive cost savings by achieving more efficient supply chain cycle times and maintaining control over cash flow.

Take the Pain out of the Sales Order Process

There are lots of reasons that processing sales orders manually not only painful, error-prone and costly - but also an ongoing bottom line and top line financial risk.

Here are a few of them:

Lack of control over format and channels. Customers send orders in a form defined by their systems and processes - not yours. This impacts for format of the data submitted and also the medium by which it might be submitted. As a result, your organization has to deal with EDI, email, digital documents and even paper or fax-based orders, all formatted in ways that may not conform to your systems or processes.

As a result, companies are faced with the expensive and time consuming tasks of re-keying information into their systems to capture data and manage transactions, in addition to manual sorting/filing related documents. That may mean entering data into ERP systems for the order and re-keying the same information into enterprise content management systems for the documents.

Poor allocation of resources. Order entry is typically handled by Sales Support or Sales Admin staff as well by Sales personnel themselves. This is a waste of resources and a drain on your sales efforts; Sales and Sales Admin teams should be focused on supporting customers, not order entry. At best, it is a waste of talent; at worst, it represents a potential source of human error, compared to automated processes that can ensure data integrity by cross-referencing orders with existing ERP records.

Lack of scalablity. Manual systems don't scale well to support peaks in demand, seasonal fluctuations or larger/broader growth trends. Inevitably, the pressure caused by order backlogs and mounting deadlines can cause standards to fall and allow errors to creep into the process.

Rising customer expectations. In a world where many industries have embraced automation, customers expect a faster turn-around on their orders and visibility to their order status (sometime in real time). Without automation in place, delivering that level of service is either impossible or prohibitively costly.

Explore How to Transform Your Sales Order Process

While there are a wide variety of solutions available to automate different parts of the sales order process, the KEY component that tackles the most painful part of the process is intelligent data capture. Intelligent capture technology extracts relevant data from scanned paper or digital documents, eliminating manual data entry and document handling.

The benefits that flow from addressing this bottleneck accelerate the benefits and efficiency gains of process automation downstream.

Business digitization platforms built around robust intelligent capture technology deliver timely, accurate business data that fuels business intelligence initiatives, empowering executives and decision-makers. At the same time, it provides the data and documents necessary to automate process workflows and deliver end-to-end automation to greatly benefit process owners. At the end of the day, business digitization platforms that can eliminate manual data entry, document handling/matching, and approval routing greatly improve the experiences of customers, boosting retention and ongoing revenues.

Artsyl Technologies helps organizations to take the pain out of their sales order processes by automating the most inefficient and error-prone tasks—including document handling and data entry. By relying on Artsyl’s docAlpha business digitization platform and OrderAction application, customer service teams can transform scanned paper and digital orders into actionable information that is automatically entered into their ERP system. The result? Shorter cycle times, fewer errors and better process visibility and control.

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