Spark a Digital Transformation “Boom” by Empowered Your Aging Employees

Spark a Digital Transformation “Boom”
by Empowered Your Aging Employees

A Recent Article in Entrepreneur Magazine Highlights the Challenge - and Opportunity - Presented by Companies Whose Baby Boomers May not be Quite Ready for the Next Digital Revolution.

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine highlights the challenge - and opportunity - presented by companies whose baby boomers may not be quite ready for the next digital revolution.

The risk of leaving “old school” employees behind, says guest writing Nick Candito, are considerable.

“Those companies rely to a great extent on the knowledge and expertise of their older employees: Lose their engagement, and you'll lose their knowledge,”Candito writes. “Lose their knowledge, and you'll lose decades of work and insight.”

The problem doesn’t JUST lie with boomers, though. A recent study from the Hackett Group reveals that MOST employees in companies worldwide are not equipped or empowered to transform their organizations and digitize their operations. In fact, only 35% of the Hackett Group’s survey respondents indicated that they had the right people and processes in place to support their digital transformation vision. Compounding that problem, only 15% planned to revise job profiles or competency models in the coming year to address their digital business transformation needs.

That’s a MAJOR problem, considering that 90% of all respondents believed that digital transformation would fundamentally change the way they delivered services.

With that in mind, here are four tips from Entrepreneur about ways to help your workforce embrace digital transformation.

1. Create easy but impactful training programs

While this may seem obvious, the reality according to a variety of industry studies, is that companies are not investing in training and development to help their employees embrace new tools, technologies and approaches to digitizing and automating processes.

‘According to Candito, “Training should be especially targeted to employees in their 40s, 50s and 60s, who may have had some exposure to today's collaboration platforms but need more time to feel comfortable enough to use them on a day-to-day basis and be fluent with them.”

2. Link digital transformation to career growth

This is a great motivator for employees of any generation. Creating MBOs for employees that provide incentives for adopting new approaches to old problems, placing a premium on added efficiency, effectiveness and communication. Find ways to recognize and acknowledge when employees adopt the new skills they learned through internal or external training sessions to good use in pursuit of the company’s digital transformation vision.

3. Encourage company engagement through collaboration

Unify offline and online communications by keeping employees connected through their mobile devices, to provide "anywhere, anytime" access to tools and corporate information.

According to Candito, “This not only helps to break down inter-generational silos and meld employees of different ages; it keeps employees engaged with their companies and with their career paths within their companies, which in turn promotes employee retention and satisfaction.”

4. Empower your employees with the right tools

Platforms that provide easy access to insights and data allow employees to be agile and nimble with their work. They also allow far better recording of knowledge and experience.

According to Candito, “Platforms that provide easy access to insights and data allow employees to be agile and nimble with their work. They also allow far better recording of knowledge and experience.”

Take the pain out of routine processes and embrace the digital future

Artsyl Technologies works hand in hand with our ERP, ECM and business automation partners to help companies identify specific business processes that are great candidates for digital transformation.

Often, by taking on well-defined processes where manual processes and a lack of process visibility are key bottlenecks (like account payable invoice processing or sales order automation), companies can empower their employees to gain a fundamental understanding of how to plan, execute and support a digital transformation initiative while achieving a fast ROI.

To learn more, contact your Artsyl Technologies account representative.

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