Bringing Business Back! The Smart Way

Bringing Business Back! The Smart Way

Bringing Business Back! The Smart Way.

It’s Business As Usual: When You Have Smart Technology at Your Disposal!

By now,we can agree that technology indeed enables businesses. It’s a prophecy set in stone and one that companies, both large and small, are keen on exploiting to maximize returns. Much of this shift in corporate thinking, though envisioned and experimented on for years, found steam only in the past decade. And strangely enough, the idea that smart technology can propel businesses forward, no matter what the economic state globally, has found maximum traction this past year.

Global uncertainty and the need to keep business momentum alive have brought about the launch of software accelerators that show results within months. Low-code, No Code, AI, machine learning, self-learning technologies, etc. are the usual suspects that, along with robotic process automation (RPA), have driven results for companies.

If anything should come as a surprise with regard to digital transformation, it’s this fact that even small and mid-sized businesses, given the limited capital and resources they possess, have demonstrated the need for and indispensability of intelligent automation this past year.

We’ll study one firm invested in the commercial trucking & tyres business, who have very adequately demonstrated why intelligent automation is a must have, if you are to survive not just this pandemic, but any kind of external instability that tends to disrupt basic business functions.

Barnwell, a well-known company offering commercial auto services in the New York tri-state area, had just acquired a new company. Needless to say, they wanted to build on the success of their company with this recent acquisition and embrace for increased business in the coming months. With the outbreak of the pandemic, and a shortage of personnel as a result of the ensuing social restrictions, Barnwell was having a hard time getting a grip of their AP/AR operations.

The trouble for companies wanting to modernize their workspaces for better productivity gains is that they often fail to see the bigger picture — ‘it’s just a matter of rearranging and reallocating existing staff to take care of tasks as mundane as AP/AR’. Not in the case of this company though! They embarked on a digital transformation journey with the agenda of having in place a solution that would ensure not just the continuity of their AP/AR operations but also be able to scale to take on more business in the near future. And it’s exactly what smart automation or intelligent automation offers!

Intelligent Process Automation sets companies up for long-term productivity gains while ensuring business continuity in the present. With this technology, this firm in the trucking and tyres business were able to:

  • Manage double the workload in spite of the absence of 2 full-time workers
  • Bring down processing times by 60%
  • Scale operations exponentially
  • Automate the entire process chain, even ensuring integration with their existing ERP infrastructure
  • Alleviate the pressure on their skilled staff

Smart automation technologies offer straight-through processing of mission critical processes like accounts payable, order processing, medical claims processing, etc., which is why even small businesses are setting aside a definite budget for such investments. Possibly the biggest advantage that companies like Barnwell see through investing in intelligent automation is the ease of deployment and integration with existing infrastructure. Cloud computing and cloud application software, offering great licensing and deployment flexibility, have further encouraged companies to embrace smart technologies for business continuity.

To fully understand the impact and possibilities intelligent process automation has to offer, read the Case Study and feel free to Contact Us for a more detailed product demo.


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