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Small Mining Development LLC Taps into an AP Automation Goldmine with docAlpha

Read our latest case study to learn how Small Mining Development LLC got more performance and efficiency from their Sage 100 ERP system and DocLink document management system by integrating both with the docAlpha digital transformation platform from Artsy Technologies.

While Small Mining Development Assistant Controller Cody Birch was happy with the functionality of his DocLink document management system, he was still burdened with a major bottleneck when it came to managing accounts payable invoices. Prior to adopting docAlpha, Birch processed 2,000 monthly vendor invoices manually. They were printed, signed and coded for approval by hand, then returned to the main office from multiple locations for Birch to process.

“I would look through all of them, hand code them, and then type them into our accounting program,” Birch said.

Manually processing invoices not only increased the time, effort and cost for each transaction—it also increased errors and limited the amount of invoice detail the company had the capacity to enter into their ERP system.

“With me typing invoices, I couldn't obviously type every single line item,” Birch said. “We wanted a better understanding of our purchases and the ability to make better procurement decisions.”

By relying on docAlpha’s intelligent capture capabilities, Birch doesn’t have to worry about manually sorting invoices and filing them into DocLink, or manually keying information into their Sage ERP. docAlpha captures BOTH header and line item invoice details, validating data from invoices against existing records in Sage, then automatically filing the invoice in DocLink and updating transaction records.

“Once it was running, it was running, and it was awesome,” Birch said.

Learn more about how Small Mining Development LLC gets more value from their Sage 100 ERP and DocLink ERP, reducing invoice cycle times and error rates while increasing their visibility to key purchases here.


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