QAD Explore: 800+Attendees, 75+ Speakers and ONE Must-See Integrated Solution!

Visit us in the PICS Booth at QAD Explore in Detroit May 8-11 to See End-to-End Process Automation with Intelligent Capture in action

Artsyl is proud to support QAD Explore Conference Bronze Sponsor PICS in Detroit, May 8-11, where the company will help to showcase how the Artsyl docAlpha smart process platform integrates with PICS DocLib document management system and QAD to deliver end-to-end business process automation.

“QAD’s annual event is focused on the future of ERP for manufacturing,” said Artsyl Technologies CSO/Partner Jeff Moore, “and if Artsyl’s experience partnering with PICS to deliver intelligent capture capabilities for the DocLib document management system and integration with QAD is any indication, that future looks very bright.”

Visit the PICS booth to see a live demo of the docAlpha smart process platform in action and discover how intelligent document capture can transform your business operations and deliver end-to-end process automation.

docAlpha 5 SP3 and PICS DocLib: More Power, Performance and Scalability

Explore attendees will get to see the newest, most advanced version of docAlpha on display, integrated with PICS DocLib to maximize efficiency and eliminate document filing and data entry bottlenecks.

“In 2016, Artsyl Technologies grew rapidly as an organization, dramatically increasing the number of customers while successfully implementing intelligent capture and process automation for larger, global enterprises,” said Artsyl Technologies CSO/Partner Jeff Moore.

“Our release of docAlpha 5 SP3 further reflects our commitment to intelligently simplifying and streamlining business processes for organizations of all sizes, anywhere in the world.”

New capabilities in docAlpha 5 SP3 allow customers to:

  • Operate with multiple enterprises with different companies and workflow hierarchies for each enterprise.
  • Efficiently upload and manage batch files with new verification station features
  • Speed up searches for large batches using new SP3 features like ‘Get Batch by ID’
  • Increase the quality of extraction results at recognition stations for the documents with red forms
  • Filter batch files quickly and easily by custom parameter, by field value, by profile name and by document name

For more information, download the docAlpha brochure or watch docAlpha video to get more information about docAlpha capabilities and benefits.

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