OrthoVirginia Automates AP Invoice Processing with docAlpha and DocLink

OrthoVirginia Automates AP Invoice Processing with docAlpha and DocLink

Orthopedic equipment distributor OrthoVirginia accelerates their AP vendor invoice process by integrating document management and intelligent data capture

Read our latest case study to discover how Virginia’s largest provider of expert orthopaedic and therapy care quickly went from manually processing hundreds of monthly supplier invoices to automating invoice handling, data entry, coding and approval routing by implementing the docAlpha intelligent process automation platform from Artsyl, and the DocLink enterprise content management platform from Altec.

During his tenure as a technical analyst at OrthoVirginia, Ted Kraje has worked to help streamline and automate operations, helping the company evolve into a state-wide organization that can continue to scale and grow their business while serving their clients and suppliers.

Part of the company’s growth and evolution included an investment in new systems and software, beginning with implementation of the Epic electronic medical records platform, quickly followed by the decision to adopt a document management system.

With a new system in place to handle electronic records and documents of all sorts, digitizing and automating accounts payable seemed like an obvious next step.

“We have two AP team members on staff,” Kraje said, “Before docAlpha, they spent all their time coding and routing documents around to management for approval, and then managed the rest of the process from there. It was very time-consuming and manual.”

Getting Beyond Data Entry Bottlenecks

One big hurdle OrthoVirginia had to overcome was scaling the organization to accommodate growth in business across multiple facilities, along with the associated growth in suppliers and related purchasing documents.

To properly organize and manage all AP-related documents, OrthoVirginia choose Altec’s DocLink enterprise content management system. With DocLink, OrthoVirginia was able to get past efficiencies related to managing paper and digital documents across multiple facilities.

One big challenge remained: Getting those documents into DocLink efficiently, including relevant metadata to support routing and coding.

Eliminating manual document handling and data entry would allow the OrthoVirginia AP team to spend less time on tedious tasks and more on contributing to cost savings, cash flow and error reduction.

Streamlining and Simplifying

“We process 25,000 invoices each year, and the number continues to grow,” Kraje said, “With DocLink and docAlpha, we can address our current and future invoice velocity and grow our business without increasing staff.”

To learn more about how docAlpha, integrated with KwikTag ECM and Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP systems, allowed OrthoVirginia to scale operations and support compliance, read the full case study.


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