Case Study: Ohio Shared Information Services Realizes AP Automation with Microsoft Dynamics and Artsyl’s IDC

Case Study: Ohio Shared Information Services Realizes AP Automation with Microsoft Dynamics and Artsyl’s IDC

Healthcare Nonprofit Increases AP Invoice Process Visibility and Control with Intelligent Data Capture and Document Handling

Read our latest case study to discover how a nonprofit healthcare technology service provider maximized their return on investment in a new Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system and KwikTag ECM system by leveraging the docAlpha digital transformation platform to quickly streamline and accelerate their AP vendor invoice process.

Gearing up for Growth

According to Ohio Shared Information Services CEO Tom Shannon, the company chose Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage their business data to support the growth of their business. Beyond better manage of business data, Shannon also understood that OSIS needed to get a handle on their business processes and the documents that supported them.

One process that was a clear candidate for process automation was accounts payable.

In support of Shannon’s goal to automate OSIS’s accounts payable processes, the company identified the docAlpha digital transformation platform from Artsyl as a key component to digitizing vendor invoices and extracting the data needed to route information for coding and approvals.

The company also identified KwikTag, an enterprise content management system that integrates with docAlpha and Dynamics GP, as part of their end-to-end AP automation solution.

Eliminating Manual Process Bottlenecks

As part of SIS’s new automated process, docAlpha intelligently extract data from the company’s vendor invoices. docAlpha monitors multiple document sources, including email inboxes, scanners and fax machines and extracts data from received invoices, so OSIS staff members don’t have to waste their time/effort or risk missing an invoice.

Integration with the OSIS KwikTag content management system allows docAlpha to automatically file documents along with the extracted data—without manual data entry or human intervention.

KwikTag then used that data and related documents, to automate invoice matching, approval routing and G/L coding. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP meant that at the end of the workflow, the appropriate transactions, with supporting documents, were all available in their ERP system.

docAlpha, integrated with Dynamics GP and KwikTag, provided the critical intelligent capture component, allowing Shannon and Ohio Shared Information Services to get even more value and performance from the ERP and ECM systems they’ve invested time and money in.

“With the new system in place, we can create process workflows that involve multiple people, with multiple departments and multiple levels of authority, without being over-burdened by complexity,” Shannon said, “KwikTag and docAlpha keeps it simple for us.”

To learn more about how docAlpha, integrated with KwikTag ECM and Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP systems, allowed OSIS to scale operations and support compliance, read the full case study.


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