Accelerating Digital Transformation with No-Code Process Automation Software

Accelerating Digital Transformation with No-Code Process Automation Software

No code is no longer just a buzzword but reality for many forward-looking companies. In a fast-paced market environment, companies are increasingly looking for ways to build efficiencies into their work processes to lower costs and ensure faster returns. Part of this effort has been to invest in advanced technologies that lower the complexities and costs of building applications, needed to support vital business functions. And no code has been the popular way to accomplish that.

But what exactly is no code? Many growing companies find it expensive to employ skilled workers having a high degree of technical expertise. While there are plenty of reasons for adopting no code, the ease of creating user-oriented applications without the need for extensive programming knowledge is the primary reason for its fast adoption. No code, as the name suggests, allows users with little to no coding experience to develop business applications. Like graphical user interfaces, the no code platform provides drag and drop modules, features, building blocks, and graphics that users can quickly assemble to build automation solutions for supporting critical workflows.

Why No-Code Is the Future of Business

Business requirements are changing all the time to keep up with changing customer needs. In order to meet those requirements, companies will have to quickly develop applications that help with the execution of the tasks supporting those requirements.

No code application development platforms are the perfect choice to quickly assemble intelligent automation solutions that help streamline critical business processes.
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Some of the mission critical processes like invoice processing and sales order processing are cumbersome, laborious, and time-consuming, and usually slow down operations and connected businesses. No code becomes the perfect solution to develop intelligent automation applications that solve the challenges that come with these traditionally manually-driven processes. Business teams can leverage no code technology to develop end-to-end smart automation solutions and benefit from optimized, lean, and accelerated processes.

By eliminating all the common complexities that come with building coded applications, no code provides companies the perfect segue to transition from manual, paper-driven processes to digitally transformed, end-to-end processing chains that can be customized without adding any code. The immediate advantage for companies adopting this technology can be seen in the high degree of usability and application this technology has in almost every sector or industry. From supply chain automation, finance, transportation and logistics to even project management, no code technology can be used to create better processing capabilities and functionality that accelerate business processes as well as outcomes. The need for highly skilled workers and associated costs are also reduced, especially for small and emerging companies looking to gain a footing in an increasingly digitally-focused market environment, but not having the resources. The benefits of no code application development platforms are cumulative and long-term.

Leaner, Cost-Effective Business Operations: no code intelligent automation solutions help businesses execute mission critical tasks without adding to manpower or operating costs. End-to-end intelligent automation of mission critical processes, especially document-based functions like vendor invoice processing, customer sales order processing, check remittance operations, medical claims processing, payroll, etc. make it possible to eliminate manual intervention, as well as the delays and inefficiencies that come with it. No code intelligent automation streamlines critical business functions, lowering the costs of operations and enhancing business outcomes.

Better Resource Utilization: Human resources are a vital part of any business, and retaining a loyal staff is difficult if businesses do not engage them in meaningful work. No code technology adoption gives employees the leverage to develop customized workflow automation tools without needing much training or coding experience. Augmenting your workforce with no code application development tools enhances their engagement at the company and reinforces their commitment to pursue strategic, growth-oriented tasks. Less dependence on IT staff also means beginner enterprises have a better chance at facilitating digital transformation at their workplace, without having to spend a huge sum on skilled labor.

Effective Digital Transformation of Workspaces: no code intelligent automation optimizes critical operations at work. No code means any one with an understanding of work systems and processes can use pre-built modules to design automation solutions, without having to code. This really opens up a host of opportunities for new and emerging companies to implement digital transformation at the workplace. Deployment of no code digital systems in the workplace is not complex. Traditional coding platforms and applications require an experienced developer to diligently go through multiple lines of code and figure out where the errors lie, in case a program doesn’t run successfully due to errors. No code technology, on the other hand, empowers users to be creative and design intelligent automation solutions to meet their specific business requirements. No coding means users can focus on solving the problem at hand rather than spend countless hours correcting code. A codeless architecture helps build better platform solutions and applications, accelerating the pace with which companies adopt digital transformation.

Accelerated Processes & Business: the whole purpose of going digital for many companies, apart from the optics, is that they get to expedite critical operations without adding to manpower or related processing costs. With no code, businesses are benefitted many times over, and the deployment of a single no code intelligent automation platform helps cover backlogs, improve productivity at the operational level, and lower the dependence on skilled workers to get a job done. Digital workers will augment the workforce by simplifying work processes, and giving employees the space to apply their expertise on more strategic, growth-focused tasks.

Artsyl’s Code-Free Intelligent Process Automation Platform

Artsyl’s intelligent process automation platform is based on no code technology.
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The platform is embedded with digital transformation technologies like AI, machine learning, robotic process automation, intelligent data capture, business process automation and advanced recognition software. A combination of these advanced automation technologies help execute document-intensive processes like invoice processing and sales order processing, hands-free. A big part of its easy adoption by companies, both large and small, has been its pre-built capture and process automation modules, which can be configured to suit individual business requirements. No code makes this possible. Artsyl’s prepacked solutions are derived from its intelligent process automation platform, and applicable for invoice processing, sales order processing, medical claims processing, and mailroom operations. No code makes it possible to quickly configure the applications to meet individual business requirements.

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