Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation for Document Capture & Processing

Artsyl’s docAlpha digital transformation platform mobilizes content-dependent processes by providing intelligence-based workflows for the acquisition, validation, verification, and export of transaction data to an ERP system or other line-of-business applications (LoBs). Its combined digital transformation technologies including AI, Machine Learning, Business Process Automation (BPA), Intelligent Data Capture, etc. help with straight-through processing of transaction documents and ready data availability for business use.

What makes Artsyl viable for growing businesses are its powerful customization and connectivity capabilities that make it possible to merge its Action Solutions within an existing technology setup, without adding to the complexities of a bulging IT infrastructure. Modular import and export connector architecture enables users to build custom document imports and exports, creating a highly expandable software solution that extends the usability of traditional ERPs and LoBs to unstructured document-based processes. Connectivity is established using input XML API and JSON, and custom export .NET API, ensuring that applications can work together to automatically transport transaction or invoice data directly in the client’s back-end systems in the required format.

Maximizing Usage & Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP with Artsyl

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a formidable enterprise software solution to handle complex accounting and business management needs, catering primarily to the mid-market. With the right data, users can leverage the full features of the software and achieve optimum business outcomes.

One technicality slowing down the export of accurate invoice data to ERPs is the difficulty processing unstructured documents without spending countless hours and manual effort. This is where Artsyl’s Intelligent Process Automation for document processing becomes useful. By integrating Artsyl with Microsoft Dynamics GP, users have the advantage of working with unstructured documents in the Dynamics GP environment itself, without having to log in and out of their application to process things like vendor invoices and sales orders.

Let’s look at a few more advantages of tying up an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution with any ERP software:

Multilingual & Multichannel Data Capture: Documents are accepted into the Artsyl workflows through FTPs, file transfers, email, fax, scan, etc., ensuring capture of business data at the point of first contact or entry into an organization. This helps reduce chances of missing invoices. Also, because documents are digitized and uploaded into the Artsyl workflows at the point of source, the invoices are instantly checked for duplicity and related errors during exception handling, eliminating instances of overpayments or underpayments. Through the latest versions of its proprietary software, Artsyl supports multilingual document capture, expanding the scope for automatic invoice processing to any number of diverse vendors globally.

Automatic Document Separation: document separation is part of the document preparation process to enable maximum data capture, but it is time-consuming. Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation resolves this with intelligence-based workflows. Artsyl IPA bots automatically sort documents by barcode, patch code, as well as remove any blank pages. The solution recognizes common 1D and 2D barcodes, and performs auto-formatting and auto-validation in the same way as it does for text.

Auto-Find: Artsyl employs Machine Learning as the primary data capture and extraction method to draw out the required details from an invoice. Machine Learning extends Artsyl’s capture capabilities to new documents, and accommodates for document variability. Building custom templates for every new type of invoice is not feasible. Auto-Find extends document capture flexibility extensively by learning new document types from an operator’s mouse movements and clicks during the semi-manual mode, where user intervention is required to populate missed details by an IPA bot the first time. The IPA bot applies this learning for processing every subsequent, similarly formatted invoice, and in the process builds an extensive library of capture logic to accommodate diverse document types. This way, Auto-Find reduces manual intervention significantly.

Auto-Indexing: digitizing paper invoices and related transaction documents from vendors and customers is one thing, searching for the same from a truckload of paper files is a whole different ball-game, which you do not want to undertake. What’s the point of an automation system that does not take into account manual intervention required for tedious tasks like searching and retrieving vendor invoices when needed? Well, Artsyl’s IPA does and does it well. Artsyl supports automated indexing and eliminates the need for human intervention. During the intelligent capture process, Artsyl IPA bots employ Machine Learning to extract valuable metadata and rule sets from documents. This data is used to automatically assign names and index documents. Indexed documents are easy to search and retrieve using keywords. Automatic indexing also makes it convenient for filing and archiving documents.

These unique AI-enabled features, along with automatic validation and approval routing for manual verification, make it possible for users to accelerate data availability to their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system.

The Artsyl — Microsoft Dynamics GP integration enables users to fully capitalize on the unique benefits of their ERP system by ensuring accurate transaction data availability to it at all times.

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