Intelligent Data Capture and Document Management

Intelligent Data Capture and Document Management

A Match Made in Heaven

Today, as companies increasingly get on board with the idea of digital transformation and process automation, the need for solutions to eliminate the keyboard and mouse as bottlenecks is clearer than ever. For companies adopting or migrating to next generation enterprise content management systems, the need for intelligent document capture to apply structure to their content has become a no brainer.

Evolution: from Document Management to Enterprise Content Management

Over the past couple of decades, as accounting systems matured and were promoted to become ‘enterprise content management systems,’ document management systems went through a similar technical and market-oriented repositioning to become ‘enterprise content management systems.’

Both platforms essentially grew up to tackle similar business process problems, but from different angles. Accounting systems and ERP systems supported business processes across the enterprise by effectively handling anything associated with structured data.

Document management systems evolved into enterprise content management systems at a time when the world experienced an explosion in the volume and velocity of data—most of which becoming increasingly unstructured (think emails, texts, audio, video and digital documents). The problem for businesses changed from simply getting rid of (and digitizing) paper, to managing a vast, continuous stream of unstructured data, which ERP systems were not as well equipped to handle.

In that context, companies embracing the vision of ‘digital transformation’ have focused on the best way to aggregate and manage information of all sorts, and then apply the appropriate workflow, process monitoring and automation tools to get more value from their data, systems, people and processes.

With the burden of paper documents alleviated and with the right systems in place to manage all kinds of digital content, companies are suddenly able to look more closely at the processes these symptoms they support.

The inevitable conclusion they come to? We spend FAR too much time and effort keying in information and manually handling documents!

Leveraging Intelligent Data Capture for ANY Data

When it comes to managing data and processes within an organization, we at Artsyl understand that process owners don’t know or care about the difference between structured and unstructured data or content. We all want the same thing—easy, timely access to information in a form that makes it easy to automate the routine and simple to make business decisions.

In that vein, we regard the roles of ERP and ECM systems as being the same. It’s merely the type of content they manage that separates them. Our vision is to bridge that gap to eliminate process and information bottlenecks.

The docAlpha intelligent process automation platform with extracts data from unstructured or semi-structured sources of information, so humans don’t have to waste time on a repetitive, inefficient task. To boost accuracy, the system cross-references ERP or ECM system records. That data is then used to create new ERP system transaction records.

Data, Systems and Processes, Aligned

As AI and process automation solutions reshape how we work and automate the routine, businesses will depend on having timely, accurate data to inform the systems that off-load routine, manual work. To learn more about how solutions like Artsyl’s docAlpha can provide a cost-effective onramp to a more integrated, automated future, contact your Artsyl account representative.


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