Why You Need Document Capture Software for Automation Anywhere

Why You Need Document Capture Software for Automation Anywhere

We discuss why a formidable RPA platform like Automation Anywhere requires to be integrated with document capture software. Automation Anywhere brings businesses the leverage they need to maximize output from routine, repetitive processes. Today, robotic process automation is a staple for forward-looking companies wanting to elevate their processes and functions to the level of best-in-class, but without draining their valuable resources and manpower. So, why does a robust platform like this need to be integrated with document capture software? The short answer is: for the exact reasons mentioned above!

Data Drives Many Processes… and Projects in Automation Anywhere

Many businesses depend on content to get work done. Content acquisition and content consumption are a necessary part of routine task implementation. To get any job done, you need the minimum amount of information related to that job that can help you execute it successfully. A customer service representative addressing a grievance call from a client requires all the details that can inform him/her of the issue at hand including the client’s purchase history and interaction with the company. But mere data is not enough. This data needs to be validated and verified for authenticity and accuracy. The consequences of working with bad data are huge!

Just take the example of a routine job like medical claims processing. The important thing to consider when processing any claims document is to see how quickly and efficiently you can execute the claim request so that the claimant can be justly reimbursed without delays. Here, a lot of data entry work and validation of claims details is required. This is highly cumbersome, time-consuming, and may involve the claims handler going back-and-forth trying to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the claimant’s request. Apart from undertaking a long list of validation checks, the claims handler must also coordinate with verification managers, who will need to approve or reject a claims filing based on the evidence. These tasks involve diligence in getting data right, coordination with related personnel, and decision-making in a time-bound manner. Done incorrectly, poor claims processing could cost insurance companies in the hundreds and thousands, where they could end up over-compensating or under-reimbursing the claimant. Wrongful claims handling could also mean additional delays and processing costs to re-correct mistakes.

Bad data is a big no when it comes to customer service, as the claimant, or any buyer for that matter, could simply take their business elsewhere the next time. While business applications and enterprise resource planning software help automate the general management of claims, the data that support it are still handled manually.

Document Capture Software Closes the Gap in Automation

Document Capture Software Closes the Gap in Automation

A sophisticated robotic process automation platform like Automation Anywhere can automate the entire claims management process.The data to back up this process, however, rather than being handled manually, can also be automated for greater efficiency, consistency, and accuracy along the entire claims process. This is where document capture software comes in and becomes most useful!

Document capture software performs capture, extraction, classification, and validation of data from documents. When it comes to Automation Anywhere, users can call these capabilities to determine the authenticity and accuracy of data and documents at any point in the RPA workflows. This technology employs AI and machine learning to learn and identify document types, which will help the software perform maximum data extraction, and then validate the extracted details against database records.

Artsyl’s docAlpha

Artsyl’s document and data capture software, called docAlpha, performs these functions unattended. docAlpha easily integrates with the Automation Anywhere RPA platform. The software is built on modular architecture, which means a user can call the capabilities of docAlpha — extraction, classification, and validation — to check any documents for authenticity during task implementation in Automation Anywhere workflows. docAlpha’s cognitive capabilities combined with its powerful process automation controls make it a formidable software to quickly determine if the data that the Automation Anywhere RPA bots are working with is correct or not. This gives Automation Anywhere users the power to drive RPA projects for complex tasks that involve a lot of unstructured, structured, and semi-structured document processing.

Benefits of docAlpha for Automation Anywhere

  • Automatic extraction, classification, and validation of data at any point in the Automation Anywhere workflows, removing human effort and errors
  • Extension of Automation Anyhwhere’s RPA projects for complex jobs that involve a lot of document processing
  • Easy access to validated data from complex structured, unstructured, and semi-structured documents
  • Convenient interface where intelligent document processing and data validation can be achieved in the Automation Anywhere workflows itself by simply pulling up the docAlpha screen anywhere in the workflow for data validation
  • Elimination of manual document processing inefficiencies and costs
  • Accelerated data availability for any document-dependent process
  • Removal of the common bottlenecks that delay the availability of data in Automation Anywhere
  • Zero instances of working with bad data or poor business outcomes

The best way to learn more about how Artsyl augments Automation Anywhere’s capabilities is by booking a demo of docAlpha with us today!

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