Making Customer Delight a Reality

Making Customer Delight a Reality

Making Customer Delight a Reality

Customer delight. It’s no longer just part of a motivational quote that sits on your desk. It’s an actual thing! Countless books detailing strategies, methodologies, to-do lists, and gimmicks have been published to entertain, attract, and engage the savvy customer. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to three things

  • Service
  • Speed
  • Fulfillment

From the moment an order is placed, the process you undertake to fulfill it will determine the success or failure of your customer service. The speed with which you process the order from POS to delivery will define your customer engagement game. The accuracy with which you deliver as requested will determine fulfillment.

So, strategies and gimmicks aside, meeting customer demand requires a good degree of precision in order processing to be able to entertain repeat customers. First impressions count. How you entertain your customer the first time will tell you if they’ll come back for more business. And no amount of strategizing will help if you do not deliver the first time — there are simply too many avenues, too many opportunities, and too many choices for the customer to take his business elsewhere.

Now that we’ve got the bleak hypothesis of what might not happen out of the way, we can focus on what can happen. Technology makes a lot of things possible — and one of those is precision in getting things done. In a stiff marketplace, with little room to maneuver in terms of retaining customers, it is precision in order processing and delivery that becomes important.

Order processing software injects a level of precision, control, consistency, and surety in the way you manage customer demand. Today, resources are aplenty but the right order processing tools should afford you the flexibility to customize sales order processing for a wide range of consumer segments. A good solution should have the following features:

Making Customer Delight a Reality
  • Multichannel Order Processing: ability to create order processing workflows for different types of customers
  • Intelligent Data Capture: capture technology has evolved over the years, and getting a powerful solution to extract all order details from paper and electronic sources in one go becomes necessary, especially when handling bulk orders. An intelligent capture solution embedded with cognitive technologies like AI and Machine Learning helps digitize sales orders in a matter of minutes and reduce user intervention for new orders.
  • Intelligent Process Automation: no order processing is complete without thorough validity checks and approvals for delivery. Apart from inventory lookup, checking for payments made and outstanding accounts receivable are critical aspects of order management that need constant monitoring to ensure healthy cash flows and solvency. Intelligent Process Automation allows for automatic workflow processing right from data capture, classification, extraction, validation, verification, and approval to final data entry in an ERP or accounting system for further business processing. Intelligent Automation of order processing should include pre-configured workflows as well as make room for customizations that maximize your chances of engaging the customer.
  • Order Tracking: as your business grows, you need to be able to handle incoming orders with a great deal of accuracy, compliance, and efficiency and cut out all the typical loose ends that crop up in this part of order fulfillment — instances of non-payment, delayed payments, or return orders must be documented in real-time for proper recalibration and fulfilment. A good order tracking system should archive all vital transactions and create a definite audit trail for compliance.

Order processing software introduces speed and consistency in the service and fulfillment of customer sales orders. Knowing for certain how and when sales orders will be processed will give businesses the edge to design better marketing programs. And the fact that with intelligent automation, you are able to fulfill customer demand consistently is, in itself, a recipe for customer delight.

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