Case Study: Paragon Films (AP Automation for Microsoft Dynamics AX)

Case Study:
Paragon Films (AP Automation for Microsoft Dynamics AX)

Plastics Manufacturer Increases AP Invoice Process Visibility and Control with Altec’s DocLink and docAlpha from Artsyl

Read our latest case study to discover why a plastics manufacturer looking to maximize their return on investment in their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system and their DocLink ECM system chose the docAlpha digital transformation platform to quickly streamline and accelerate their AP vendor invoice process.

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In 2015, Paragon migrated their business data from an IBM AS/400 system to Microsoft’s Dynamics AX ERP platform. As part of their investment in time, money and resources to adopt a new ERP system, the company also wanted to look for ways to capitalize on additional technologies to further improve processes like AP invoice processing.

According to Paragon Films CIO Kenny Mullican, a successful ERP implementation led to exploring new and better ways to execute the processes supported by their ERP.

“Moving to an ERP system that looks and works like other Microsoft products made life a lot better,” Mullican said, “But there was still that paper side of things. So, our AP department would still typically have to do everything manually.”

In spite of an investment in a new ERP, process bottlenecks persisted as a result of having to file and process paper documents manually and routing invoices manually for coding and approval.

That’s when Mullican and the Paragon Films team discovered the DocLink Enterprise Management System from Altec, which delivered integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX to take the pain out of filing/sorting and routing/coding documents.

With Dynamics AX and DocLink, Mullican had some of his AP pain points covered. The exception? Data entry and document handling for multiple channels of paper and digital files. That’s where the docAlpha digital transformation platform’s intelligent capture capabilities came into play, so the AP team no longer had to worry about manual data entry.

“It's been a huge, huge benefit particularly to Ashley, our AP accountant,” Mullican said of docAlpha and DocLink. “She's had her whole life change because she spends her time in this software system as opposed to doing things manually.”

To learn more about how docAlpha, integrated with Paragon’s DocLink ECM and Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP delivered an end-to-end, automated process for AP invoices, read the full case study.


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