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Manufacturers, SAP ERP users are leaning on Intelligent Capture to Automate Back-end processes

In 2016, companies worldwide, in a wide range of industries, relying on a variety of ERP and ECM systems, took the next step in evolving their processes and introduced the docAlpha Smart Process Platform into their business operations.

Welcome additions to the docAlpha family included multi-tool manufacturer Leatherman and HVAC and plumbing equipment manufacturer Caleffi. While each company relied on different ERP systems (Leatherman relies on Dynamics AX; Caleffi uses SAP), both shared similar visions for future growth and competitiveness. Leatherman wanted to automate their accounts payable process to support future growth and global expansion. Caleffi wanted to automate their sales order process to better manage peak demand periods while improving customer service.

In both cases, these Artsyl customers applied the approaches they took in analyzing and optimizing their manufacturing processes to their back office processes, with impressive results.

Caleffi Leverages SAP and docAlpha for Order Processing ASAP

With a large, established ERP installed base and a leadership position in supply chain management software (25.8% market share), SAP integration with Smart Process Platforms like docAlpha represents a tremendous opportunity to achieve greater efficiency through process automation. Manufacturers like Caleffi North America have begun to tackle back office operations like sales order processing, while establishing a framework to automate any document- or data-dependent process.

In 2016, Caleffi North America, a manufacturer of HVAC and plumbing equipment, approached Artsyl Technologies to explore better ways to help their customer service team process complex sales orders. Their goal was to help their two-person team manage peak sales periods without creating huge order backlogs or introducing errors into the process as they scrambled to keep up with demand.

Part of the problem that Caleffi faced was the handling of orders with dozens of line items, requiring a lot of painstaking manual data entry and validation.

This is a problem easily solved by intelligent capture solutions like Artsyl’s docAlpha Smart Process Platform. With docAlpha, Caleffi was able to automatically sort and manage inbound orders in any format (email, fax, etc), validate customer information, check line item subtotals and order totals and automatically create orders within their SAP ERP system.

The result? A 66% improvement in sales order processing cycle times. Which translates into improved customer satisfaction, better job satisfaction for the customer service team and better process visibility and control for executive management.

Automate and Innovate Your Operations

Whether your organization manufactures goods or delivers services…regardless of whether you rely on a traditional ERP system like Oracle, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics, or have migrated to cloud-based solutions like ArchWeb or Acumatica, you can elevate the performance and ROI or those systems and automate your processes with docAlpha.

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To explore how docAlpha can streamline and automate your business processes, contact your Artsyl Technologies representative.


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