Breaking the Accounts Payable Automation Code: Codeless Software is the Key to Adaptable AP Automation

When it comes to business software integration, not much has changed in the last 15 years

When it comes to business software integration, not much has changed in the last 15 years. Until recently, integrating structured data systems like ERPs and ECMs with other business software has focused on creating or leveraging application programming interfaces (API) for IT personnel and technology architects to build interfaces for customers and partners. The challenge is that today’s IT teams are too overburdened and their tools are too inefficient to respond quickly to the needs of their customers, who want greater responsiveness, visibility and control.

As a recent editorial in Wired magazine, by Deepak Sigh, he points out, Business users want easy to use interfaces to the systems and tools they use, so they can define rules to automate routine tasks and enable workflow automation. They DON’T want to be tethered to their IT team, dependent upon platforms that require advanced knowledge of code and an IT request ticket.

The attitude and approach advocated by Singh is part of a revolution from coded applications and integrations to codeless software and integration approaches that are designed for greater flexibility and adaptability to the real world.

Take the case of intelligent capture solutions, designed to “read” the characters and content of documents to identify and extract meaningful information. In the age of “coded” software solutions, these sophisticated software tools either depended upon having structured or semi-structured documents to work with and had a low tolerance for variability.

Today’s intelligent capture solutions, like Artsyl Technology’s docAlpha take a more flexible, codeless approach. While docAlpha can be configured to handle a variety of document formats and structures, the platform is designed to learn how to adapt to different documents with guidance from human operators. This means that a highly accurate system grows even more accurate over time AND that the system is adaptable to different documents and processes without a constant reliance on IT staff and developers.

docAlpha, Artysl’s Smart Process Platform for intelligent document automation, is just one example of how codeless software approaches are empowering end users to take advantage of intelligent software tools to automate routine, real world business processes.

For more information about how docAlpha and codeless technology can empower your organization, consult your Artsyl representative.

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