Mastering docAlpha: Anytime, Anywhere

Mastering docAlpha: Anytime, Anywhere

Incremental Modular Learning for Working Professionals

Learning is a lifelong process — the more adept you are at something, the better your prospects of getting results. At Artsyl, we take this theory to heart. We hold our extensive ecosystem of partners and customers to a high regard and are always looking for ways to enhance their Artsyl experience, and learning is an essential component of that experience.

The Artsyl Commitment

Artsyl is dedicated to helping organizations overcome common, internal process complexities that pose undue obstacles to growth and business development. Artsyl’s Intelligent Data Capture software docAlpha and range of Action Solutions help remove the drudgery and inefficiencies of error-prone, manual document-dependent processes.

We are constantly striving to improve our IPA offerings with every new release to enhance user experience for all our associates. But our commitment towards you does not end there! Our in-house web training programs are a testament to our efforts to enhance the Artsyl product experience and make your personalized learning of docAlpha ever more enjoyable.

Relish the docAlpha Learning Experience

Relish the docAlpha Learning Experience

The Artsyl Education Center offers partners and customers the opportunity to undergo docAlpha training anytime, anywhere — The incremental training modules include Lectures, Practices, and Quizzes.

It is a fact that working professionals today get around only 24 minutes per week on training and upskilling. Our complete web-training program ensures you do not have to take extensive time out from your busy schedules but rather simply login to the training portal and determine which module to pursue at your convenient time.

Get thorough step-by-step knowledge on how docAlpha works in the Lectures module. No learning is complete without practical application. The Practices section is dedicated to providing you with hands-on experience with the complete operation of the product.

The Artsyl web training kit is designed to bring the classroom experience to you and enables you to complete your education of docAlpha by attending to the Quizzes related to each lecture.

The structured training program is designed keeping in mind your work priorities and schedules — you can review the lectures and polish your practical knowledge by attempting the quizzes and practice lessons any number of times.

With Artsyl Web Training, you can avail

  • Anytime Anywhere Learning: Access docAlpha training on your time, anywhere
  • Incremental Instruction: Grasp the inner workings of docAlpha in no time
  • Focused Learning: Revisit and review particular sections or lectures
  • User-friendly Interface: Navigate and explore specific lectures or modules with ease
  • Self-learning: Easy instruction on all components of docAlpha — requiring no external coaching

Sign up for the Artsyl web training program and get used to a system of excellence, learning, and delivery.

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