Artsyl’s Among 20 Most Promising Workflow Solution Providers — 2021! | CIOReview

Artsyl’s Among 20 Most Promising Workflow Solution Providers — 2021! | CIOReview

Artsyl’s Among 20 Most Promising Workflow Solution Providers- 2021! | CIOReview

Recognized for Its Game-Changing No-Code Intelligent Automation Solutions for Workflow Optimization

Artsyl proudly makes it to the ‘Annual listing of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing Workflow solutions and transforming businesses’ by CIOReview! This latest recognition is a testament to the continual efforts by Artsyl Technologies to design intelligent automation solutions that work to transform companies and ensure sustainable growth.

CIOReview’s annual listings bring to the fore the best technology companies that are making an impact through the provisioning of innovative workflow automation solutions that change the way everyday business is done.

Artsyl’s no-code intelligent automation solutions address the typical bottlenecks that slow down businesses — manual, document-dependent processes! These processes are mission critical to the functioning of end-to-end workflows, departments, and the overall organization; but are typically error-prone and inefficient.

With its advanced capture and workflow automation capabilities, Artsyl targets the very pain points in document processing that slow down productivity, workflows, and revenues for growth-focused companies — one of the key differentiating factors that makes it a highly viable technology company.

Perhaps the best test case for the growing indispensability of no-code intelligent automation solutions has been during the pandemic, where business continuity with limited on-site personnel and resources would have otherwise been a challenge. Barnwell House of Tires, a leading company in the commercial trucking and tires business, and an Artsyl customer, demonstrated this during the lockdown phase, when it continued to manage double the workload even in the absence of 2 FTEs in the accounts payable department.


Artsyl’s powerful intelligent data capture software, the docAlpha, is the base application upon which it develops its no-code intelligent automation solutions for handling typical document-based processes like accounts payable, order processing, remittance, and medical claims processing.

Embedded with digital transformation technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, intelligent data capture, OCR/ICR/OMR, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Business Process Automation (BPA), Artsyl delivers prepackaged vertical solutions that mobilize traditionally rigid content-dependent functions to become more agile and efficient.

With options for both on-premise and cloud deployment, and integrations to multiple ERPs, ECMs, and back-end systems, “our technology stack, deployment methodologies, and approach to business represent the best of breed techniques to solve our clients' problems” says Jeffrey F. Moore, CSO and Partner at Artsyl Technologies, in conversation with CIOReview.

No-code makes it possible to configure customized ready-to-use workflow automation solutions that are process-specific and meet individual business needs. It's one of the biggest advantages Artsyl offers in that users can remodel the intelligent automation applications to handle any kind of document-based function in different sectors — and it’s been working well for many of the company’s customers.

Jeff reiterates how Artsyl is a key differentiator when it comes to a customer’s digital transformation journey: “We always keep the customer’s interest in mind and we drive towards lowering operational costs, making customers more efficient and productive in their business operations”. The cross-industry applications of Artsyl’s intelligent automation technologies make it a viable option as a single platform solution to tackle multiple diverse processes.

Artsyl continues to make forays into artificial intelligence and machine learning, and incorporate more user-oriented workflow automation into its proprietary advanced capture solution, the docAlpha. With several advancements in its intellectual property, Artsyl is on track to deliver unique no-code intelligent automation applications that help customers accelerate their digital transformation journeys and business.


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