Are You Ready for the Internet of Everything?

SAP Users are Planning for a World Where Everything is Connected.

A recent blog from ERP vendor SAP highlights observations from a recent SAP User Group Webcast about How to Plan for When (Almost) Everything is Connected and identifies trends that are fueling rapid adoption of technologies to more tightly connect the digital and physical world in real time.

SAP ERP customers that rely on connectivity with Artsyl’s docAlpha Smart Process Platform already appreciate the power of transforming physical assets into digital knowledge to fuel process efficiency, control and insights.

With docAlpha, SAP users can intelligently transform both physical documents and digital files into structured data than can be used to automate a wide range of processes, from accounts payable to sales order processing to medical claim processing and more. But that’s just the beginning.

The Internet of Things will extend the vision of an interconnected world beyond transforming documents into knowledge to transforming our physical environment, including our cars, homes and bodies into sources of knowledge, information and insight.

As the level of connectedness and data access continues to grow, value will shift from automation and monitoring to predictive modeling and remote access. This approach enables people to make real-time changes anytime, anywhere, and on any device and impact operations positively.

Everything is Connected

According to SAP, this vision of the future is rapidly becoming today’s reality, driven by three factors:

Development: As companies continue to collect more data from a variety of sources, IT is left with the hefty task of integrating devices, data sources, and applications. The real art and science behind this task lies in how hyperconnectivity allows this information to be distributed across the business network to avoid data silos. Today, technology providers are moving away from platforms that require additional coding and customization for business users to achieve the results they desire. No code technology and hyperconnectivity will become must-haves to help companies turn mountains of data into solutions rather than challenges.

Business models: Consumers expect products to add value to their lives – whether in the form of convenience, reliability, privacy, or efficiency. This increasingly popular demand across all B2B and B2C markets are forcing companies to shift away from the traditional approach of producing, selling, and delivering a tangible product to providing a complete solution to include products, software and services.

Consumer behavior: Security, privacy, convenience, and stickiness of service. These are the highly sought-after attributes of the customer experience. People are becoming more aware that data is captured, access, and analyzed throughout the buyer journey. With the help of advanced analytics, decision makers can dig deep into this data and gain insight never before thought possible. On the flip side, the traditional market will need to rethink how it treats consumers along the way – choosing concessions to drive additional value.

Taking the first steps

SAP customers that rely on smart process platforms like docAlpha are already getting a glimpse of a future where data is easy to access, processes are automated and connectivity drives productivity and predictability.

As Big Data grows even bigger, as automation makes everything faster, the bottlenecks presented by paper documents, manual data entry and manual processes will no longer be acceptable costs of doing business—they will become barriers to competing in a digital world.

Is you firm ready for the Internet of Everything?

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