Announcing: The docAlpha Chinese UI Now Speaks “Transformation” in Five Languages

In Chinese, the Word for Transformation is 转型 or Zhuănxíng

In Chinese, the word for transformation is 转型 or Zhuănxíng (pronounced gai tzau). With the release of the docAlpha digital transformation platform user interface for Chinese, Artsyl Technologies now delivers digital Zhuănxíng to one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and to multinational companies who want to deliver process automation throughout their global enterprises.

With each new service pack release to docAlpha, Artsyl Technologies has delivered new enhancements to its portfolio of ERP system connectors to help automate a broader range of data- and document driven business processes.

Localized in five languages; OCR support for hundreds more

Those enhancements also have included support for additional languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian and now, Chinese. With intelligent OCR support for over 100 languages, including Asian and Arabic languages, docAlpha is truly a global digital transformation solution.

“With each new release for docAlpha, Artsyl Technologies focuses on expanding the platform’s performance and capabilities, but also its ability to reach a broader audience globally. With the introduction of our Chinese language interface, docAlpha is now available to one of the fastest-growing markets in the world,” said Jeff Moore, Chief Sales Officer at Artsyl Technologies.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, new applications of the Internet could account for up to 22 percent of China’s labor-productivity growth by 2025. That translates into 4 trillion to 14 trillion renminbi in annual GDP.

For more information, read our press release.

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