Acumatica Embraces the Future

Acumatica Embraces the Future

Acumatica Summit Keynote & Roadmap Highlights

During the keynote on day two of Acumatica Summit, the company shared its project roadmap, R&D initiatives and perspectives on the future. With 74% of Acumatica employees focused on research and development, the company is clearly investing heavily in the future—a future that includes the kinds of technologies and innovations that Artsyl is applying to intelligent data capture and process automation as well.

“We love technology, but not for technology’s sake,” said CEO Jon Roskill, “It’s technology and how we can apply it to very pragmatic problems in the real world.”

That kind of pragmatism also reflects Artsyl’s outlook, where we strive to help customers solve the most painful, real world process problems they encounter every day, like having to manually sort through paper or digital documents or manually re-key information into their ERP system.

As outlined in the keynote and product roadmap presentation, Acumatica continues to focus on business functionality, ease of implementation and an optimal user experience. Anyone who has followed Artsyl and our own product roadmap knows that changes to our UI to reflect the needs of every user, with an emphasis on flexibility and usability, has shaped the evolution of docAlpha, along with a continued emphasis on simplifying and streamlining implementation.

Looking further down the road, Acumatica CTO Mike Chtchelkonogov cited three priorities:

  • Continuous investment in delivering best-in-class ERP functionality
  • Seamless workflow across modules, with an emphasis on the user experience
  • Continued optimization of implementation cost/effort

As a partner in the Acumatica ecosystem, we can definitely get behind these priorities, as they reflect the needs and desires of our customers, regardless of the specific platforms they rely on to manage their business data and support their day to day operations.

Of course, no keynote focused on the future would be complete without talking about AI and Machine learning. Using a less-than-practical demonstration, the Acumatica team flew a drone onstage, which flew out, scanned a QR code and instantly uploaded the quantity of the “inventory” to Acumatica. Fun and jokes aside, Acumatica is taking machine learning and AI seriously and applying it to improving the user experience by eliminating routine tasks from users’ day to day work lives.

That same approach, applied to how Artsyl’s docAlpha can adapt to new document types and to exception handling by interacting and learning from process owners isn’t just the future—it’s available today with docAlpha V6 SP1.

By the end of Acumatica Summit, the entire Artsyl team felt excited about the future of our partnership with Acumatica—a future that we’re already eagerly pursuing.


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