Register for the Acumatica VAR Webinar

Register for the Acumatica VAR Webinar

Transforming Order Processing for Acumatica Begins By Eliminating Data Entry & Document Handling

This month, Artsyl Technologies is joining with Acumatica and three other Acumatica ISVs to explore ways that companies can leverage their Acumatica ERP to transform and radically streamline their sales order process during a Webinar hosted by ERPVAR.

The Webinar, to be held Tues, Aug 22nd at 11 A.M. PT / 2 P.M. ET, entitled “Four Ways to Transform Order Processing” examines opportunities to automate sales order entry and document handling using intelligent capture, shipping administration, order fulfillment and payment processing.

The session will include a demonstration of Artsyl’s docAlpha business transformation platform and the OrderAction application.

By starting with the painful, error-prone and inefficient tasks involved in entering data and handing paper or electronic sales order-related documents, docAlpha allows firms to get more timely access to complete order details, including both header- and line-item details. Without automation, many firms focus on only capturing header-level data. As a result, they miss out on an opportunity to transform that data into business intelligence about their customer’s purchasing behaviors and trends.

Integration between Acumatica and docAlpha results in that knowledge being automatically captures from sales order documents, verified against Acumatica customer data and then entered automatically into the ERP. With timely, accurate data in hand, clients can rely on docAlpha and OrderAction’s workflow automation tools to transform their business rules into automated sales order processes that fuel those downstream tasks like shipping and fulfillment.

Acumatica partners Scanco, American Payment Solutions and StarShip will demonstrate their solutions to automate these downstream processes for Acumatica customers.

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Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Time: 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET (1 Hour)

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