Taming the Human Factor: SimpleCapture Pro™ Significantly Reduces Error Rates and Improves Customer Service for Le Groupe A&A's Imaging Business


Le Groupe A&A

Imaging Service Bureau

“SimpleCapture Pro competes easily with the best of breed. It allows us to very easily train an operator to utilize the program and then it reduces the operator time by 80 percent,” Michel Laurin, Vice President, Le Groupe A&A

Before utilizing SimpleCapture Pro software, the management of Le Groupe A&A, an imaging service bureau, faced a multitude of challenges. The manpower and time needed to process 10 to 40 boxes of documents a day was time-consuming and expensive. Training employees to utilize older systems often took days or weeks. Because of the human factor, error rates were much higher and the entire process was extremely work intensive. With the introduction of Artsyl’s SimpleCapture Pro™ software, Le Groupe A&A has been able to increase production while decreasing the man-hours necessary to do the work.

SimpleCapture Pro is a product of Artsyl Technologies, Inc. a Canadian-born firm that specializes in document imaging and capture technologies. These technologies are used to convert one format into another, more useful format. To be competitive, a leader in this space must understand: a.) the various markets using these technologies, b.) how the technologies are used by organizations, and c.) how to improve systems for the future. These are areas of expertise for Artsyl Technologies, which was an integrator prior to developing document recognition and capture products for specific vertical markets.

Training Drops from Half a Week to Minutes

“You have to understand,” said Michel Laurin, Vice President of Le Groupe A&A, “in our business, the most complex factor is the human factor. Anybody can buy software or hardware but to get anybody to work with the technology is a much greater challenge.”

In the past, Le Groupe A&A could expect to spend 3-5 days to train someone to operate its software system. Now, with SimpleCapture Pro, the process can be done in 5-10 minutes. “It’s that easy,” explained Laurin. One of the advantages of SimpleCapture Pro is that it’s by far, the easiest program I’ve come across. I’ve never seen a solution so simple to use. It doesn’t require someone with a high-tech degree to be able to operate it.”

“Training is very important, so the easier a solution is, all the better for us,” said Laurin. “SimpleCapture Pro competes easily with the best of breed. It allows us to very easily train an operator to utilize the program and then it reduces the operator time by 80 percent,” he said. “Understand my position, three to five days versus five to ten minutes for training -- there’s a world of difference. In certain contracts, the company may have several work stations. Instead of spending two to three weeks training all the operators, it can be done globally in half an hour. In a business where time is money, that’s an easy decision.”

Accuracy Concerns in the Imaging Business

Accuracy is also a key issue in document imaging. In the past, the process of ensuring accuracy had been a very tedious and expensive one. With SimpleCapture Pro, Laurin discovered that the accuracy rate was the most impressive he had found. “The accuracy, speed, and adaptability of this program are the best I’ve seen so far,” said Laurin.

Once captured, a company can export information anywhere to just about anybody else. The system’s open architecture enables data to be converted to most any file or database format. And when indexing, SimpleCapture Pro can deliver all information into one output. Image files can be renamed automatically as well, based on data collected.

“With SimpleCapture Pro, we can export in a variety of formats,” said Laurin. We can use one scenario or all of them. This is pretty much the first time I’ve seen something like that. Now there is no limit and we are much more flexible. Before, we had to spend hours programming the systems. Now, it takes the programmer five minutes.”

Le Groupe A&A is in a unique position. It began as a user with its imaging service business, and later moved to reselling the SimpleCapture Pro System at the same time. “What we sell, we also use internally,” said Laurin. “By knowing and working with the program on a daily basis, it allows us to better understand the customer requirements.” The company has found that SimpleCapture Pro adapts itself well to everyone else in its marketplace and its customers have been very pleased with the results.

Customer support became much easier after implementing SimpleCapture Pro. With SimpleCapture Pro, the ease of use is a huge bonus. Its customers can learn to use it quickly. “Today the marketplace is pulling at you, the phone is ringing,” says Laurin. “It’s also ringing at my competitor. I need to understand my customer’s problems and needs very quickly and be able to adapt very quickly to their requirements. If it takes a long time, someone else will snap them up.”

For more information, visit www.artsyltech.com.

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