Artsyl Win Wire: docAlpha Manufacturing Material Test Report Client

Artsyl is proud to announce the addition of a new client to the docAlpha user community

Artsyl is pleased to announce a docAlpha smart process platform sale to one of the largest manufacturers of steel bridges and structures in North America, in search of a better way to handle material test reports and eliminate manual data entry and document filing.

With over 60,000 reports to manage annually, the new client will implement an automated process to classify test reports and file them for easy retrieval to ensure compliance and increase efficiency.

docAlpha bridges the gap between the clients automated systems, eliminating inefficient, error-prone manual tasks including document filing and data entry, allowing them to scale their processes without the need to hire and train additional staff.

Learn more about how your clients can transform their business operations and achieve greater levels of productivity by implementing an automated, end-to-end solution with docAlpha.

Watch the Artsyl docAlpha 5.0 video now!

View the Artsyl docAlpha 5.0 brochure here.