Artsyl Hits the Road with Acumatica to highlight AP and Sales Order Automation for Acumatica 2019 R2

Artsyl Hits the Road with Acumatica to highlight AP and Sales Order Automation for Acumatica 2019 R2

February 11, 2019

Jeff Moore
Artsyl Technologies, Inc.
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Vita Vassylyeva
Sales and Marketing Manager
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ONTARIO, CANADA (Sept 11, 2019) — Artsyl Technologies, a leading publisher of Intelligent Process Automation, focusing on document-based mission critical business processes, today announced that it will once again be a participating sponsor for the 2019 Acumatica Road Show events to be held nationwide, beginning with the September 11 Acumatica R2 2019 Road Show in Boston, Mass.

Of particular interest: Artsyl is announcing that Acumatica will now list Artsyl’s 2019 R2 Certified solutions, InvoiceAction and OrderAction for AP and AR process automation, integrated with Acumatica Cloud ERP, and available in the Acumatica Marketplace catalogue for Acumatica Resellers, making it much easier for VARs to order and resell.

Artsyl continues to develop intelligent process automation applications built on top of its docAlpha digital transformation platform which eliminates manual data entries and document handling, which delays data utilization by Acumatica systems.

“We are excited to be working with Acumatica and their Resellers. Many of Acumatica’s customers can benefit from process automation, and having these solutions in the Acumatica catalogue will help Resellers provide customers very cost effective and powerful automation” , said Jeff Moore, partner and Chief Sales Officer.

Artsyl’s ActionSolutions are pre packed with innate Invoice and Order processing intelligence enabling rapid implementations which result in high data accuracy with automated entries while at the same time lowering operational costs.

“In addition to AP and AR automation we offer automation for any business process burdened with document handling and manual data entry, with solutions that are flexible enough to automate those process bottlenecks and expedite data availability” adds Moore.

About Artsyl Technologies

Artsyl Technologies, Inc., a publisher of transformation and automation solutions has successfully developed intelligent capture and business process automation solutions for companies worldwide by automating the manual entry of data and the filing of documents into ERP, ECM and other business systems. Artsyl automates these manual processes by intelligently extracting relevant, actionable information from documents and electronic files in a way that boosts efficiency and accuracy, quickly achieving a return on investment for our clients, leading to ongoing cost savings and forever happy customers.


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