docAlpha 6.0 SP1

docAlpha 6.0 SP1

Latest docAlpha Release Boosts Process Automation Performance and Accuracy

February 11, 2019

Jeff Moore
Artsyl Technologies, Inc.
(301) 525-5405

Vita Vassylyeva
Sales and Marketing Manager
Artsyl Technologies, Inc.
(905) 326-0676 Ext 222

Toronto, ON, Apr 2019 – Artsyl Technologies, a leading publisher of Intelligent Process Automation, focusing on document-based mission critical business processes, has announced docAlpha 6.1, delivering new enhancements to its docAlpha 6.0 Transformation Platform, previously released in Aug 2018, with significant boosts to process automation efficiencies.

docAlpha is the underlying transformation technology for Artsyl Intelligent Process Automation platform and Action Solutions; InvoiceAction, OrderAction and RemittanceAction.

Highlights of docAlpha V6.1, include design and performance improvements, extended Web Clients and Vendor Portal functionality, along with additional email importing, extraction capabilities, additional export functionality and new or extended ERP integrations; such as Acumatica Cloud ERP.

What is particularly noteworthy is how Artsyl greatly enhanced it’s V6.0 Machine Learning technology –Advanced Auto-Find. This technology enables docAlpha to learn from User’s actions as they update, correct or define new documents, and builds a knowledge base by document type, vendor or document class. Next time through, this knowledge takes priority over pre-configured document definitions. V6.1 has increased recognition speeds by 180% and has significantly increased data extraction accuracy rates of Advanced Auto-Find by utilizing cascading contextual anchors within a document to finely pinpoint where desired extraction data is. This helps to minimize exceptions and increase overall touchless straight through processing.

“Beyond pure performance improvements, applying advanced machine learning has reduced the time and effort required to set up and deploy docAlpha. Our machine learning allows docAlpha to “learn” versus the requirement of many solutions to have to be “trained” as an extensive, and often costly, implementation process. With the addition of Machine Learning for Line Item tables, and by allowing docAlpha to record user interaction and then add those new instructions to its knowledge base and improve continuously, this brings document processing to new heights of efficiency” – said Jeff Moore VP of sales.

About Artsyl Technologies: Artsyl Technologies, Inc., a publisher of transformation and automation solutions has successfully developed intelligent capture and business process automation solutions for companies worldwide by automating the manual entry of data and the filing of documents into ERP, ECM and other business systems. Artsyl automates these manual processes by intelligently extracting relevant, actionable information from documents and electronic files in a way that boosts efficiency and accuracy, quickly achieving a return on investment for our clients, leading to ongoing cost savings and forever happy customers.


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