Government Agencies Embrace docAlpha to Control Costs and Boost Efficiency

Government Agencies Embrace docAlpha to Control Costs and Boost Efficiency

For many Artsyl customers, process automation is a secret weapon used to lower costs, boost efficiency and deliver timely data that can lead to better service and competitive advantage.

That vision for continuous process improvement in a climate where everyone is asked to do more with less, applies to government agencies and nonprofit organizations, as much as it does to commercial enterprises.

Artsyl docAlpha customers in government and nonprofit share pain points common to most businesses, along with the demands that come from making the most of tax payer or donor dollars.

Here are just a couple of highlights of how docAlpha and digital transformation has led to innovation through automation for government agencies and nonprofits.

NRCAN Protects the Environment While Slashing Invoice Processing Costs

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is the Canadian government agency responsible for natural resources, including energy, forests, minerals and metals. With so many resources under its purview, NRCan manages hundreds of vendor relationships, processing 90,000 supplier invoices amounting to over $700 million Canadian annually.

By implementing docAlpha to integrate with their SAP/R3 ERP system, NRCan radically streamlined their document verification process to accurately capture accounting and financial data from scanned paper and digital purchasing documents.

As part of an end-to-end invoice processing solution, docAlpha significantly reduced the time required for invoice processing by automatically handling complex business rules and applying them to invoice matching and approval routing with minimal human intervention and maximum control and visibility. As a result, RCan reduced invoice cycle times by 75%, enabling AP clerks to process invoices within payment terms and opening the opportunity to negotiate more favorable terms.

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Promotes Gun Safety with Intelligent Data Capture

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is a national organization dedicated to training and educating U. S. citizens in responsible uses of firearms through gun safety training, marksmanship training and competitions.

docAlpha literally has a hand in improving the results of CMP’s marksmanship competitions—whose results are scored by hand with pen and paper.

With more than 850 competitors across 17 different competitions, the non-profit organization’s system of handwritten score cards, manually-tabulated scores and manual entry for posting to the competition tracker Web site wasted too much time and effort.

“With docAlpha’s help, we aimed to provide accurate scoring and post it to our website within 30 minutes. All from scorecards that are handwritten” Says Shannon Hand, CMP North Competitions Manager.

The level of speed, efficiency and innovation that CMP achieves with docAlpha, processing handwritten documents, sets the bar high for both public and private institutions that have a vision for overcoming manual tasks and process bottlenecks to achieve their goals.

Changing the World One Document at a Time

Whether focused on automating invoices or orders to drive efficiency or streamlining competitive scoring, docAlpha delivers a solution that allows government and non-profit agencies to go beyond managing documents and data to serving the needs of the public and promoting the greater good.

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