docAlpha SP4 Release

docAlpha SP4 Release

docAlpha 5.0 SP4 = Speed, Performance, Flexibility + Precision

With each new service pack release to docAlpha V5, Artsyl Technologies focuses on four cornerstones: speed, performance, usability and flexibility. docAlpha V5 service pack 4 (SP4) adds a fifth element - precision. Combining flexibility and precision means that users can now be more specific when it comes to choosing emails for import, rely on business logic to automatically assign different workflows to document batches and rely on fuzzy logic to provide better data validation results against ERP/CRM data.

Built upon the foundation of docAlpha 5.0, the docAlpha SP4 release further optimizes overall speed and performance—and extends those capabilities to all stakeholders, including vendors/partners. SP4 includes a refactored validation station to optimize performance and enhance the user experience. It also offers a Web portal that outside stakeholders can use to monitor progress on documents they have submitted, allowing vendors to keep track of invoices in process.

Other new platform capabilities provided in docAlpha 5.0 SP4 allow organizations to:

  • Efficiently and effectively manage large batches of emails for intelligent capture; including BOTH file attachments and email body content
  • Refine document extraction to specific page ranges and assign different definitions for different pages
  • Execute workflow actions “on request,” so that document routing/handling functions can be execute ‘on demand’

Get a Hands-on Look at docAlpha V5 SP4 in Action!

Join the docAlpha 5.0 SP4 Overview Webinar on August 30th, 2017 at 1:00 P.M. EST to learn more about the new performance and feature enhancements.

Download the docAlpha brochure or watch docAlpha video to get more information about docAlpha capabilities and benefits.


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