docAlpha 5.0 Unleashed!

Join Us Online or Onsite in St Petersburg to Tap into the Power of docAlpha 5.0

This month, Artsyl goes live with docAlpha 5.0, delivering sales, marketing and technical training to our partners, customers and prospects so they can tap into ALL of our latest smart process platform’s powerful capabilities.

More than just a maintenance release, docAlpha 5.0 represents a major expansion of the platform’s workflow, reporting and integration capabilities, including:

  • Multi-tenant deployment to manage multiple organizations/entities on a single platform
  • Expanded workflow actions for more complex, rules-based workflows
  • ERP/ECM integrations to tap into a broader range or cloud and on-premise ERP and ECM implementations
  • New reporting features to deliver greater visibility and control over critical process KPIs

To drive awareness and empower our partners and clients, Artsyl is offering the following online events:

docAlpha 5.0 Unleashed

docAlpha 5.0 Sales Overview

April 12, 2016 at 2 p.m. EST

Join Artsyl CSO and Partner Jeff Moore to learn how to:

  • Position docAlpha’s smart process platform capabilities for new prospects to win more deals and add more value
  • Explore new revenue opportunities for existing clients who can boost their ROI and saving more time/money than ever before
  • Identify new strategic market opportunities for your firm and grow your business CLICK HERE to register
docAlpha 5.0 Technical Overview Webinar

docAlpha 5.0 2-Part Technical Training

Pt 1: Wednesday, April 6 at 2 p.m. ESTCLICK HERE to register

Pt 2: Thursday, April 14 at 2 p.m. EST CLICK HERE to register

Take a deep dive and learn more about how to take advantage of the powerful new capabilities of docAlpha 5.0 during two online technical overview sessions.

Presented by Artsyl Founder and CTO Artur Vassylyev, the docAlpha 5.0 technical overview will cover new features and functions that expand how users can leverage captured data to automate functions like approval routing, document matching, exception handling and ERP data entry/transaction processing, along with new reporting features to improve process monitoring and management.

docAlpha 5.0 Technical Overview Webinar Part2

Topics to be covered include:

  • docAlpha 5.0 License Manager overview, introducing full support for enterprise-level license management, including multiple-license management, license splitting and merging, sub-licensing and license allocations
  • Thin Client Verification and Web Approver stations
  • New docAlpha and InvoiceAction validation rules
  • Multi-step approver workflow set-up
  • Scheduled Notifications set-up
  • New import and export connector overview
  • Working with Service and Reporting Statistics

docAlpha 5.0 Technical Training Workshop

Space is still available for docAlpha 5.0 training on April 25-29, 2016 in St.Petersburg, Florida if you’d like to join us.

Training topics will include:

  • Making the most of docAlpha 5.0 feature and functions
  • Setting up and con¬figuring workflows, design capture logic and distribute tasks among the team members
  • Multi-tenant deployment
  • Cascading, multi-step document processing
  • New InvoiceAction workflow rules (early payment discount, late payment detection)
  • Acumatica and ArchWeb connector set-up
  • CMIS image-only export connector set-up
  • Database look-up rule options and optimization
  • Reporting architecture and administration

To register for the certification class please fill the registration form

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