Why We’re So Excited About Being an Acumatica Summit Platinum Sponsor

Hoping to see you in Nashville! Stop by Booth 242 and attend our showcase presentation!

The Artsyl team is on their way to Nashville this week, gearing up for Acumatica Summit 2018. Based on our experience last year, we decided to pull out the stops and step up to becoming a Platinum sponsor for this year’s show. We’re excited to meet with the Acumatica team and to discuss how Acumatica partners and customers can get even more value from their ERP by working with us to automate and transform their business processes.

If you’re attending the show, stop by Booth 242 and learn more about how Artsyl can work with you to help eliminate painful, routine tasks like data entry, document sorting and approval routing from any business process to boost the power and performance of your Acumatica ERP.

Our Solution Specialists will be demonstrating our Action suite of process automation solutions for Acumatica, including InvoiceAction for accounts payable and OrderAction for sales order automation.

Attend Our Partner Showcase Session and take the first step towards digital transformation

In addition to exhibiting and networking at the show, Artsyl will give a brief presentation that explores what digital transformation means for Acumatica users and partners and they can take meaningful steps towards process automation that will jump start their digital transformation initiatives.

During the session, Artsyl Technologies Director or Product Management Roger Markham will introduce attendees to the docAlpha digital transformation platform and their Action-based suite of products that transforms and automates any business process.

Even more enhancements for Acumatica Users

Artsyl’s latest ERP connector for Acumatica helps users get the most out of their Acumatica ERP by eliminating the most painful and inefficient tasks associated with ERP systems and manual processes: manual date entry and handling for related documents.

As part of docAlpha V5 R4, the docAlpha Acumatica connector now supports the ability to store file links within Acumatica, allowing users to view digital documents like AP invoices along with transaction data from within the ERP system.

With docAlpha, Acumatica users can transform digital and scanned paper documents into transaction data by relying on docAlpha’s intelligent capture capabilities. That data is automatically validated against existing Acumatica records, eliminating potential errors while automated the next step - transaction data entry into Acumatica.

NOW, with docAlpha V5 SP4’s ability to store file links, Acumatica users can refer back to the source documents for a transaction with the click of a button, resulting in end-to-end process automation and a clear audit trail for both data and documents.


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