Toughbuilt Drills Into AP Process Improvement Opportunities with OrderAction and Acumatica

Toughbuilt Drills Into AP Process Improvement Opportunities with OrderAction and Acumatica

When Toughbuilt, a Burbank, California-based tool and home improvement accessory designer and manufacturer, began experiencing rapid sales growth, as 30% year over year, the company decided it needed to give its sales operations team the right tools for the job. The company has already invested in the Acumatica Cloud ERP and felt they had made a sound investment in managing their business data and monitoring their operations. Now they just needed something to streamline the process of getting data into Acumatica.

According to Toughbuilt Controller Martin Galystan, the team needed a tool that would transform their day-to-day work from manual labor into value-added knowledge work in a way that would allow them to keep pace with continued expansion. That meant automating document handling and data entry.

With 40 total employees, Toughbuilt wanted to maximize resources as it grew. Empowering its current customer support and sales operations team to tackle sales orders in a way that didn’t require continued expansion of its staff just to sort through documents and enter data was part of that strategy.

Tackling Complex Sales Orders

“Our focus for phase one is to tackle sales orders and cut down on data entry time,” Galystan said, “With 30 to 50 lines items per order, it can take 15 to 20 minutes to handle one of them manually.”

While Toughbuilt is in the final test stages before becoming fully operational with OrderAction, implementation, testing and outcomes to date have been very promising, according to Galystan.

“Now, with OrderAction, it takes two minutes max to get our sales order information into Acumatica,” Galystan said, “We cut down on a lot of wasted time for our workers to input sales orders.”

With 400 orders to be processed in a given week, Toughbuilt stands to save a tremendous amount of time and effort on sales order processing, so they can spend more time on reporting and analysis.

Automating Sales Orders

The integration of Acumatica and docAlpha allowed Toughbuilt to streamline operations and deliver access to data and documents to support business decisions and automate transaction data entry.

The docAlpha platform, developed by Artsyl Technologies, integrates with ERP and ECM systems in a way that allows customers to email sales orders into a mailbox monitored by the system. Paper sales orders can be batched scanned and directed to docAlpha for processing, too. No matter how the order gets there, docAlpha automatically finds and extracts information like order number, amount and customer details, then interacts with Acumatica or other business systems to create transaction records, along with a digital image of the order.

Beyond time savings, the fact that OrderAction delivers accurate data to Acumatica in a more timely fashion means that they can make better business decisions.

“Now, with Acumatica and OrderAction, we can automate the delivery of dashboard reports to our CEO, providing data and insights in real time,” Galystan said.

To learn more about how docAlpha is allowing Toughbuilt to gear up and maintain control over a growing stream of customer sales orders, read our customer profile.


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