Electrical Contractor Achieves Better Process Visibility and Control with Intelligent Data Capture and Document Handling

Electrical Contractor Achieves Better Process Visibility and Control with Intelligent Data Capture and Document Handling

Read our latest case study to discover how an electrical contractor gained control of hundreds of thousands of documents in support of their commercial, residential and industrial projects, in a way that eliminated process bottlenecks and empowered staff members to work more collaboratively.

During her four+ years at Tiger Electric, Toni Johnson has worked to help streamline and automate as many processes as possible to ensure that the company can continue to scale and grow their business without tripping over operational hurdles.

Overcoming Process Bottlenecks

One of the big hurdles Tiger Electric had to overcome was the management of thousands of paper and electronic documents and related processes to onboard and manage electrical contractors, as well as maintaining dozens of documents related to each project.

To properly store, manage and organize all of these documents, Tiger Electric implemented the KwikTag enterprise content management system from ImageTag. With KwikTag, Tiger Electric was able to efficiently organize hundreds of documents and manage them as cases to support subcontractor onboarding as well as management of documents related to a particular project.

One big challenge remained: Getting those documents into KwikTag in a way that didn’t require lots of manual data entry.

When it came to scanning paper documents, often a single residential project could require 35 to 40 minutes, occupying the company’s printer/scanner, but also consuming the time of a valuable team member. Eliminating the manual sorting and handling of documents, along with the related data entry, would allow Johnson’s team to focus a fraction of their time on inefficient, error-prone tasks and more on running the business and meeting the needs of customers.

Problem Solved

That’s why ImageTag recommended the docAlpha digital transformation platform, integrated with KwikTag.

In support of Johnson’s goal to streamline both scanning and filing process, docAlpha intelligently identifies data within scanned paper and digital documents, like a builder name or work order number, so it can pass along information to KwikTag to trigger drives specific workflows. Those workflows than route documents to appropriate stakeholders or associate a document with specific contractors or projects automatically.

“We rely a lot on workflows and have created 13 of them in KwikTag, supported by docAlpha,” Johnson said, “The greatest thing that has come our way with docAlpha is that it has saved us so much time.”

To learn more about how docAlpha, integrated with KwikTag ECM and Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP systems, allowed Tiger Electric to scale operations and support compliance, read the full case study.


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