The Tipping Point for Artificial Intelligence

CIO Calls 2017 the “Tipping Point” for AI; Could Intelligent Capture Lead the Way?

Following up on tremendous sales and technology momentum in 2016 for artificial intelligence, CIO Magazine predicts that 2017 could be the tipping point for AI.

From our perspective at Artsyl Technologies, we can feel that momentum in terms of sales, partnerships, overall activity and interest about process automation, intelligent capture technology and smart process platforms.

Certainly when it comes to major global companies, AI is catching fire.

CIO quotes Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, who says "We've seen industry giants -- like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, Intel, and Nvidia -- either make A.I. their company 'north star' or add and advance the craft with new offerings to democratize A.I."

In this past year alone, at least 20 artificial intelligence companies have been acquired, according to CB Insights, a tech market analysis company.

Smart Process Platforms Deliver AI to the Middle Market

When it comes to the middle market, however, AI is catching on as a way to manage back-end processes like accounts payable and sales order processing. That intelligence takes the form of flexible, “no code” solutions that are flexible enough to handle rules-driven processes, but can be adapted to identify and manage exceptions without expensive and time-intensive custom development.

In many ways, applying smart process platforms like our docAlpha system to automate sorting and handling native digital and scanned documents, extracting relevant information and validating it against existing business data, and then following business rules based on that data, represents the tip of the spear for a whole world of artificial intelligence as it relates to the most common business processes in companies of all sizes.

Moorehead agrees with us that AI will reach a tipping point as it becomes integrated into software applications to manage business processes.

"I think we will start to see enterprises jumping onto the A.I. bandwagon," Moorehead said. "I don't believe we're yet at the tipping point [with A.I.] but we are close. The tipping point will likely happen next year as A.I. makes its way into more apps."

To learn more about leveraging smart process platforms to automate your business processes and make them more intelligent, contact your Artsyl Technologies account executive.


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