“Sweet” Returns for Artsyl and NetSuite Customers at SuiteWorld18

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The trade show season is in full swing and the Artsyl team is in Las Vegas this week to meet with NetSuite partners, customers, analysts and thought leaders at SuiteWorld18. While the team will be busier at the event, discussing the newest major docAlpha release and lining up demos of our InvoiceAction and OrderAction solutions for AP invoice and Sales Order automation, they’ve take a few moments to step back and appreciate all the interest, excitement and energy at the show.

This year’s SuiteWorld18 reflects the energy and excitement we’ve witnessed in the past year with regard to NetSuite and cloud ERP solutions, both in terms of business opportunity and in terms of market and industry insights.

During this year’s event, the team gained an event deeper appreciation for the commitment that companies have made not just to cloud technology, but to business process automation in general. This empowers firms to realize an even return on their Cloud ERP investment in the form of greater efficiency, business insights and customer service.

The Artsyl team is having tons of great conversations with attendees about intelligent capture, digital transformation technology and the opportunity for process automation to deliver cost savings, achieve greater control and visibility and sustain a competitive advantage.

Taking Action with Artsyl: Elevating the ROI for Cloud ERPs

As many of the speakers have touched up at the conference, in today’s ever-changing, competitive climate, every organization needs to focus on becoming more agile and adding more value to the experiences of their customers.

Relying on technology as a cost saving measure used to be good enough to justify the investment. Today, organizations of all shapes and sizes understand and appreciate that getting to the next level means going beyond cost savings to justify a technology investment. Finding ways to become more responsive to customers and be pro-active rather than reactive to new challenges and opportunities in a way that reduces friction and inertia is the KEY to success.

While ERP systems like NetSuite do a great job of managing structured data and supporting business operations, it’s the unstructured data (emails, documents, images) that is driving the explosion of information in our lives. Often, converting unstructured data into structured data that drive business intelligence and process automation creates process bottlenecks and introduces error and inefficiency into business operations.

That is where business digitization platforms like docAlpha from Artsyl Technologies, come into play. Integrated with leading ERP, ECM and CRM systems, docAlpha provides a critical link between business systems, processes, data and documents.

Digital Transformation platforms like docAlpha take scanned paper or native digital documents and files and “read” them for relevant and actionable information, transforming unstructured content into information. Today, this process is typically manual - and it is the GREATEST source of inefficiency and error in most business processes.

By automating tasks like document handling and data entry, companies not only boost efficiency - they achieve more timely access to relevant data, leading to greater process transparency and more opportunities to improve and optimize operations.

After the Show, Take the Next Step

To learn more about technology opportunities for service organizations and how business process automation can drive competitiveness, profitability and scalability, contact your Artsyl account representative.


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