SAP Maps Out the Next 20 Years for SAP Business One

Artsyl Customers Already Charting Their Way Forward with docAlpha and SAP Business One

SAP Business One turned 21 this year. If it were a person, it would be entering adulthood. In software years, 20 years often translates into “legacy” software, potentially approaching “end of life.”

But for SAP and its community of over 55,000 users and over one million users, twenty years may just be the beginning.

According to a recent report from Minta Juras LLC entitled “SAP Business One: the Next 20 Years,” SAP Business One as a platform will continue to evolve to meet the diverse needs of its community.

“The SAP Business One of the future will look, feel and be something different than it is today. SAP Business One is becoming more than just ERP. It is becoming a business process platform. That means it will be open, extensible, and poised to meet very specific needs across many different verticals...and fully capable of being delivered through the cloud as a service.”

SAP Business One Customers That Rely on docAlpha Already See the Future

SAP Business One customers like Caleffi North America get more out of their ERP system and set themselves up for future growth and efficiency gains by automating their business processes and achieving more timely access to accurate data.

Customers can achieve BOTH by relying on systems like the docAlpha digital transformation platform, which intelligently extracts data from business documents like invoices and orders, converting them into data to automate document handling, data entry and process workflows.

Caleffi transformed its sales order process by integrating the docAlpha digital transformation platform with SAP Business One to automate data entry, validate customer and order information and create transactions within their ERP system. This ensured that even the most complex-multi-line orders were processed efficiently, with everything tracked and managed within SAP. At the same time, by relying on their Maxim ECM as part of the integration, reliably and efficiently manages customer order data and documents with minimal manual effort.

“The docAlpha system is fantastic. When we have orders with 20 or 30 line items, docAlphas take them and BOOM – it handles everything automatically. You're not keying in, shifting through different SAP screens,” said Caleffi North America’s Communication Manager Mary Olson.

Read more about Caleffi’s experiences here

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