Our Fall18 ERP Trade Show Season Recap

October was a crazy busy month for Artsyl and for our ERP system partners—who all seemed to schedule their conferences, sales kick-offs and user group meetings at the same time! As the Artsyl team traveled from one event to the next—whether an Acumatica launch road show, Microsoft Dynamics User Group Summit or MicroAccounting Client Conference—there were some common themes and threads across these communities.

Four Takeaways: Lessons Learned and Opportunities Uncovered

As a proud sponsor of major Oct/Nov partner events including Acumatica 2018 R2 road shows, SAP Biz.One Conference, MicroAccounting Client Conference, Microsoft Collaborate Canada, and a partner of Microsoft Dynamics UG Summit sponsors Altec, ImageTag and Epicor, Artsy was everywhere at once this fall.

After comparing notes from OEM, VAR and customer conversations across ERP ecosystems, the Artsyl team came up with four key takeaways:

“IPA” is the next phase of the RPA revolution. Robotic Process Automation is so 2017. While it seems like yesterday that consultants, ERP vendors, ISVs and partners were talking about flexible, automated solutions to address routine, high-volume processes, today a premium is placed on intelligent process automation solutions that can learn and adapt over time. The goal: deliver solutions that you can configure and implement quickly with minimal professional services/custom coding—and ensure that those solutions can adapt and evolve as business conditions, or the technology ecosystem changes. IPA technologies like Artsyl’s docAlpha allow companies to quickly solve specific departmental process problems, quickly achieve an ROI, then leverage the same platform to solve process problems throughout the enterprise.

AP Automation comes in all shapes and sizes. The market for solutions for AP automation is hot, and crowded, with ERP vendors, document management vendors and BPO solution providers all putting their spin on things. Artsyl and docAlpha happens to be working behind the scenes with many of these providers, solving for the most painful part of the process—document handling and data capture. The range of solutions can make things complicated for potential customers, so it’s key for partners to understand their client’s needs, their current capabilities and business goals.

Customers are looking to solve process problems beyond AP—and Finance. While many solution providers have come up with easy-to-use, cost effective solutions for AP automation, many that we spoke to don’t have a roadmap to go beyond AP invoices. Out-of-the-box solutions for sales order automation are harder to find. Few solution providers offer a single platform/suite of applications that are integrated with ERP and ECM systems to deliver enterprise-wide process automation. This shouldn’t be a surprise when you consider how many firms still struggle with manual AP processes, but once they’ve overcome that hurdle, companies should be able to leverage their process automation successes to streamline all sorts of business processes.

Easier ways to integrate ERP, ECM and other ISV solutions are on the rise. ERP vendors and partners within their ecosystem for years have dealt with the challenge of maintaining integrations as platforms and architectures evolve. Statistics across industries show that the majority of on-premise ERP system users stay on their initial system version for ten years—in part because of the disruption those upgrades can mean to integrated systems/solutions. New, more flexible integration solutions, combined with broader cloud adoption, is going to lead to more flexible, stable and innovative platforms going forward.

To explore how Intelligent Process Automation and data capture can help automate and accelerate operations for your back office and throughout your enterprise, contact your Artsyl Technologies representative.


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